What is Off-Track Betting

Off-track racing brings excitement to watch horses race in your neighborhood away from the tracks. The events bring horses from major tracks around the world into your community, where you can watch live racing with other sports enthusiasts and wager. 

In recent years, off-track racing has attracted horse racers from popular circuits such as North America, the UK, Australia, and other top racetracks around the world. If you cannot make it to a real racetrack, you may want to wait for an offtrack event in your neighborhood. 

Off-Track Betting Definition

Sports betting sites allow gamblers to bet on various sports in different ways, including through off-track betting. For instance, when you are betting on horses, you can either bet on track or off track. 

Off-track wagering means to wager away from a real horse racing track. Since the betting takes place in a live event hosted in a small community, the bettors are usually few. Online casinos have brought off-track betting closer to the communities by launching live off-track betting products.

Is it legal to bet off track?

On-track racing is part of old-age Western culture events that bring communities into major social events. Due to various commitments, many people no longer make it to the major on-track events. To bring the sport closer to the communities, off-track events started a few decades ago. 

To keep with the rules, betting companies applied for licensing to add off-track betting in their line of products. The venues where off-track events are held are licensed too to make the race legal. 

Any time you find your lucky number by betting through one of the licensed venues, your actions are perfectly legal. The only rule is to bet through a licensed off-track online casino betting website or to do it live at the off-track racing event. There are approved betting applications you can use to bet, too. 

Which US states have legalized off-track betting?

Currently, ten states have legalized off-track betting. If you are not from one of the states, you can connect online through licensed companies. On top of the list are the following states:

Pennsylvania: PA is a top destination for offtrack betting action. The state has four off-track venues, and two are based in Philadelphia. The main venue is PA National Race Course. The other major states are New Jersey, New York, Florida, Delaware, Maryland, Illinois, California, Colorado, and Kentucky. 

Judging by the current off-track racing events, the future is bright for offtrack betting. The main driving force will be people moving online to wager on off-track bets. More states are waiting for the legalization of event betting, giving gamblers more options to earn through betting. 

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