Is It Worth Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Data Science

These days, both large corporations and small businesses collect a lot of data from their clients. All the information they get has to be sorted and analyzed by skilled experts. They need to extract helpful insights from large amounts of data. Consequently, specialists who will be able to process a lot of rows of personal details about clients and find patterns are in high demand. They help increase sales and attract more clients.

Data science experts have to be good at math, statistics, and other exact sciences. In addition, they need to be good with computers and programming languages to develop algorithms that ease data processing. Since many technical skills are obligatory to apply to data scientists positions, a lot of students pursue a degree in this field of study. To overcome their competitors and get the best job offers, many undergraduates decide to get a master’s degree in data science. However, is it really necessary to achieve success in the industry? Let’s try to figure this out in the post below.

Spent Time and Efforts over Result

On average, learners need to spend two years pursuing a master’s degree in data science. Unfortunately, it’s not an easy road. They need to spend all their time and apply an enormous amount of effort to graduate and get a diploma that verifies their qualification. In most cases, they can hardly tackle all the challenges, so they ask their friends, “Do you know someone who can write my paper for me?” Skilled writers help learners submit their assignments on time and not worsen their grades.

On the contrary, undergraduates expect that all their struggles will pay off after graduation. Unfortunately, a master’s degree doesn’t bring any significant advantage over other candidates. Students also experience many problems finding a well-paying job and often start their career path as data science specialists from entry positions or internships.

Importance of Portfolio

A lot of students underestimate the importance of practical experience. Therefore, they fail to find the jobs of their dreams. They are sure that a master’s degree in data science will make them desired candidates in the eyes of hiring managers. However, the truth is that most companies consider candidates that have a portfolio that can showcase their practical skills in the industry.

Therefore, it’s more valuable to spend a few years completing real tasks related to data science than getting burdening assignments done. These days, hiring managers choose candidates even if they are self-taught and learned their skills by enrolling in online video courses. In addition, practical experience is more valuable than theoretical knowledge because companies want their employees to start working right away after receiving a job offer. Therefore, they don’t want to teach new employees how to get their job done in a company.

A master’s degree in data science is overvalued. It doesn’t bring any real advantage over other applicants. However, students who pursue this degree waste a lot of time and money. These days, it’s more valuable to invest this time in getting practical experience. So don’t hesitate to apply for paid internships instead of locking yourself in a library to get a master’s degree in data science.

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