Wrist Watches- Things to Know Before Purchasing One

Wrist Watches- Things to Know Before Purchasing One

Watches act both as a fashion statement and an important tool that tells time. They come in different materials, shapes, and sizes. Cartier watches are considered among the most classy and highly innovative pieces of these accessories. There are different models, with a common feature that makes them uniquely stand out against other types of watches.

Cartier watches have a variety of wristwatches in the collection. One of them is Pasha de Cartier, a circular watch with a square shape inside it. It is a classic piece that can be worn by either males or females.

Another common model is the Santos de Cartier. Both the external and internal casing is made in the shape of a square. This wristwatch is created innovatively, to withstand any changes that come with aging. It represents a great taste in jewelry, making a bold fashion statement.

Ballon Bleu de Cartier is another elegant piece in the Cartier watches collection made to compliment both females and males. Other models of Cartier watches include the Pasha de Cartier and Panthère de Cartier.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Suitable Watch

Choosing a wristwatch can be a tough task, despite having bought several in the previous times. Whether you are new or already used to this, here are a few pointers you might appreciate.

  • Style

It is always important to consider the style that you’d like your watch to be in. In this category, it can be vintage, casual, luxury, or sports. Your choice should be dictated by the occasions to which you plan to wear the wristwatch. It can also be influenced by your fashion sense as well as tastes and preferences.

If you are an upscale business person who’s looking forward to sealing a major business deal, a luxury watch is your go-to piece for the occasion. A casual watch is great for an outdoor event or a family gathering. Sports watches give you an athletic or outdoorsy feeling while vintage watches are worn to give you a traditional feel.

  • Type (Digital or Analog)

These two types of watches are distinguished by their mode of display. Digital watches display time using the actual digits while analog watches consist of a face and different hands showing the hour, minutes, and seconds. The numbers are structured in an old-fashioned manner, using either roman numerals or actual digits.

Most casual, vintage, and luxury watches are designed in an analog way while sports watches are digital. Analog watches are easier to use than digital ones which may be fitted with additional features.

  • Features

Different types of watches come with different features. These include GPS trackers, calorie detectors, multiple alarms, calculators among other features. The latest smartwatch models can call, send messages and connect to Wi-Fi signals. You can pick the desirable features according to your personal needs.

  • Material

The material used in making a watch can differ on its face and the straps. The most common materials are titanium, plastic, silver, gold, and canvas. A single material can be used throughout the model but the manufacturer or designer may also decide to use one material for the face and a different one for the straps.

Leather can be used for the bands as it is lightweight and it gives the watch a traditional look. Silver and gold watches are relatively more expensive as compared to the rest. For additional details, you can opt to have your watch adorned using other ornaments and stones such as diamonds.

  • Power Source

Watches can be powered by solar, quartz, mechanical or automatic power sources. The solar-powered ones rely on energy from the sun to continue being functional. Quartz watches contain a small battery that’s replaced once the old one ceases to produce power. Automatic watches wind themselves without your physical intervention while mechanical watches require your physical intervention to wind up.


There are many types of watches that can be used for different purposes. Some people prefer check time from their wristwatches instead of using their phones or other devices. Others wear watches as a fashion statement to complement their outfits. Choosing the right watch is critical as it can send a bold statement about yourself to your audience.

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