Why Your Business Should Consider Failover Internet

Why Your Business Should Consider Failover Internet

Reliable Internet is an imperative for modern businesses. That is why so many companies are paying for Internet backup connections that are automatically there were there primary connections go down.

Critical Internet Backup

Critical Internet backup—often referred to as just backup internet—is a secondary internet connection that is there when a business needs it. Most of the time, businesses continue to rely on their primary Internet connections. But when that connection is not available—because hardware failed, the power went out or a bad storm disrupted the ISP infrastructure—the critical internet backup service senses this disruption and seamlessly provides Internet access through a secondary connection. When access to the primary connection returns, the backup service senses this as well and automatically disables itself.

The Importance of an Alternate Internet Service

While internet connection disruptions are not as common as they once were, they still happen no matter how reliable your ISP is. There are many causes for why internet service may be disrupted, and they can result in real financial losses for your business. Industry estimates suggest that the average American business experiences four outages a year and that it loses $10,000 an hour. Even if the internet downtime is just 15 minutes, you are looking at a $2,500 loss, which is significant.

Another consideration is what is known as customer commotion. The service you provide is what separates you from your competition. But what happens when your internet goes down and theirs does not? This goes beyond losing customers to other small businesses. You can lose them to midsized companies since they are often in a much better position to avoid these issues. This is a core reason there has been a recent emphasis on getting affordable internet backup services to small businesses.

Options for Businesses

There are many different options available for businesses such as HughesNet, but which options are available to your business depends on two factors. One factor is the ISPs that provide business services in your area. The second factor is the type of Internet access you have for your primary connection. As a general rule, your critical Internet backup should be as disparate from your primary Internet connection as possible.

Wired Options

T1 and T3 are dedicated business lines that often deliver high speed fiber optic internet. The cost, however, can be prohibitive for a small business as a primary solution let alone a secondary one. Fiber networks are an excellent option that are becoming more prevalent, but in many cases where a small business has access to fiber optic, they use it as a primary solution. Cable is often one of the most viable options because these companies often offer reduced rates where fiber is competition. Likewise, if DSL is available, it can often be an affordable option for a critical internet backup service.

Wireless Options

One of the most popular options—and a solution that will continue to become more widespread as 4G networks evolve—is 4G LTE failover service. As mentioned, it makes great sense to have your secondary connection be as disparate from the primary as possible, and that makes wireless even more attractive. It certainly will not be as fast as your primary connection, and there many even be additional data charges during the time you have to use it. But that is well worth it if it helps you avoid financial losses and, more importantly, the loss of customers long term.



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