Why WordPress Is Great for Small Business Enterprises

Why WordPress Is Great for Small Business Enterprises

WordPress has become one of the most popular CMSs of all time, keeping in mind that currently, it powers more than 35% of the entire web globally. With WordPress, the whole process of website creation is made easier and by far more affordable.

The WordPress Editor makes everything so simple that if you’ve ever used a text editor, you’d be comfortable using it too. Contrary to one’s beliefs, WordPress, although simple, is powerful enough to sustain interactive websites.

Despite WordPress’ easy interface, many people have had difficulties with its tools, themes, and plugins. Of course, WordPress cannot and will never be everybody’s cup of tea. However, instead of giving up on its benefits and going for the next best solution, our best recommendation would be to hire WordPress developer to tackle the challenges while you collect the fruits. After all, it is the most popular website-building platform nowadays. Let’s elaborate why.

Why Do Small Businesses Need a Website?

The internet can help your business in many unexpected ways, and the website is the gate to internet success. Your website is your client’s first impression of your business, so what you should do is put the matter in the hands of professional WordPress developers to develop it to a fully optimised and functional website rather than doing it unprofessionally so you can cut expenses and save money.

With online shopping becoming a preferred way of purchasing today, many business owners are deciding to firstly create their business website, start with the marketing campaign, and then transfer the business into the real world. Fortunately, WordPress is here to enable this. Here are its best features.

SEO Friendly

Of course, WordPress won’t rank your website on Google by itself, but it has seriously eased out applying all the SEO concepts and practices. WordPress developers will have the tools and knowledge to improve your website’s search rankings. Moreover, a WordPress expert will write clean code, improving your SEO results. Now, you might ask yourself what the connection between these two things is? The search engines, as well as your site’s visitors, would like to navigate through it without a problem. WordPress developers will be keeping your site tidy and lightweight with no excess code to slow it and bring in some extra points to your site’s SEO because all Google cares about is how accessible your website is.

There are four different types of SEO that can be referred to as WordPress SEO.

  1. Technical SEO – The process of making sure that the website meets all the tech requirements of search engines and easing things for search engines in terms of discovering the site, indexing it, and showing up the website as higher as possible in the search engine.
  2. On-site SEO – Simply known as the optimization of elements on the website, i.e., optimization on the content and the HTML source code of a page.
  3. Off-site SEO – Using external links and other external signals, the Off-site SEO is the one that makes your “reputation” in Google’s eyes
  4. Content & User Experience (UX) – Providing your site’s visitors with high-quality visual content and accessible information

Variety of Free Themes and Plugins

WordPress has a theme and plugin for everything. You name it – from themes for blogs or personal websites, e-commerce, portfolio, or business websites to website performance and security plugins.

Although WordPress has made thousands of themes available for use, both free and premium, we all want a unique site. Here’s when WordPress developers enter the game. They can create a custom-made theme only for your usage or personalize an existing theme per your requests.

WordPress developers will create an elegant and unique solution for your site beyond what’s already on the market, leaving you with one of a kind site that has incorporated your company’s branding within.

Mobile and User Friendly

Nowadays, we’re using our smartphones for everything, from simple browsing through the internet to online shopping. This habit has made the mobile version of a site to be a must for every business.

By lowering their SEO result and ranking them low, Google penalizes websites that aren’t mobile-friendly. A mobile-friendly website will always be a win-win, both for the visitor and the business.

Why? The visitor is satisfied because being on the go doesn’t ruin his experience with the site. The business will gain a positive reputation and a visitor/client who will always prefer that site over any other that’s not mobile optimized.

Although most of the themes available on WordPress are already mobile responsive, if you have a custom-made one, you’ll have to specify it to your WordPress developers.

Multi-User Capability

WordPress has made it possible to assign a specific role to a specific user using the concept of roles. Thanks to implementing this concept, the site’s owner now has complete ownership over everybody’s role, i.e., they control what can be done and by whom

The site’s owner can assign a specific role to every one of the users. There are six predefined roles by WordPress developers such as:

  1. Super Admin – complete access to all administrative feature (applying only for multisite installations)
  2. Administrator – complete access to all administrative feature
  3. Editor – have full control on the content sections
  4. Author – all they can do is create, edit, delete or publish only their own posts
  5. Contributor – similarly to the author, a contributor can read all posts and delete or edit only their own posts
  6. Subscriber – has only viewing privileges, as well as full access to their profile

The Bottom Line

WordPress will, without a question, answer your online business needs. What is important is how you set the basis. Hiring a WordPress developer may be the best business decision you’ll ever make. A good WordPress developer will save you money, time, and nerves because they’ll be doing what they are best at, requiring minimal effort or no effort from your side. They’ll know how to get the best out of your website, maximizing every aspect of your site, beginning with its performance and finishing with its security. Moreover, if anything happens after launching, you know who to turn to.

After the launch of your WordPress site, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits it brings to the table. Just for the record, there are over 400 million WordPress users, and the majority have described their online experience as more than satisfactory. That being said, you can rest assured that your small business enterprise will thrive if you choose WordPress.

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