Why Do You Need To Wear A Sports Bra While Exercising

Why Do You Need To Wear A Sports Bra While Exercising?

As we are bound to adopt the new normal by practicing social distancing, most of us have started exercising in our own homes. Rather than hitting the gym and following a fixed workout schedule, we workout as per our comfort and time. From sturdy equipment to cute exercise gear, everything might have changed but the only thing that remains the same is the workout apparel.

Workout crop top, sports bra and sexy shorts is what keeps many of us motivated. These are some of the unforgettable gears that not only keep us going but also benefit us in several ways. In this article we will understand why a sports bra is so essential for exercising.

Never Go Braless

No matter what type of workout you do, you should never go braless. There are several cons of exercising without a bra. The first one is performance. You perform ten times better when your posture is upright. Exercise induced breast pain in women with larger breasts. Hence it is essential to choose something that helps you focus on what you are doing rather than crying in pain. The best women’s sports bra provides support to the breasts and helps in their shape, keep them fitted etc.

Breasts tend to stretch and sag with age. This increases the pain while exercising for every one year of increase in age. When you are into intense workout and run on a daily basis, the possibility of breasts getting permanently stretched gets increased. This is why wearing a sports bra can be really effective. Not all sports bras are made the same, you need to examine them before you buy. Some come with low support whereas others are high support bras. Therefore choose yours as per the type of workout you do.

No Run Without A Bra

There are several risks that come along while running without a bra. Of course you can not always run with just a bra on but a sports bra tank top can definitely help. Many women who run without the right bra, face a condition known as jogger’s nipple. This causes unbearable pain in the breast and discomfort while running. Only if you wear a well fitted sports bra that has good support, you can leave the discomfort behind. A well fitted sports bra reduces the friction between the nipple and fabric of the shirt, preventing discomfort and pain. Therefore choose a sports bra that is of your size and fit.

Exercise Without A Bra? Not Happening.

Breasts come in different sizes but so do the sports bra. Best women’s sports bra is the most beneficial investment that one makes amongst all their workout gear. For once a woman can go to the yoga class without wearing a bra but running without being strapped in is neither advisable nor possible. Go for a sports bra that fits your size and comforts you like no other.

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