What is PCB on one side? Design and manufacturing tips

What is PCB on one side? Design and manufacturing tips

A single-sided PCB is a particular type of circuit board that contains a printed circuit on one side. It means that such circuits have conductive material on one side. Furthermore, the other side contains electronic components electrically connected. Copper lines on the circuit board behave like the skeleton. Therefore, it acts as a basic circuit structure.

Furthermore, all components are different organs of the PCB on one side. All parts have additional functionality. It is why each component performs together and makes the PCB fit for its intended duty.

SIX essential recommendations

With the help of these tips, you can have your boards ready in the shortest amount of time. Besides saving money, you can also avoid unnecessary complexity as well as circuit errors.

  • Keep the board size to a minimum.

Always try to keep the size of your board to a minimum, as much as possible. But not too small. If your board size is large, it will cost more. Otherwise, if it is too small, the manufacturer will need to assemble all the components accurately. Therefore, more effort will be required and resulting in more costs.

  • Never skimp on quality materials.

Never ask your manufacturer to choose a cheaper substitute material. If you choose a cheaper one, it fails within weeks. Always consult with an expert PCB designer for better works. You should be familiar with the basic PCB building blocks. Always look for quality material. These are durable components, so that they will save you time and money too.

  • Choose the largest diameter for the holes.

If the circuit board contains smaller holes, it will require a higher manufacturing cost. Many manufacturing houses charge even more if the diameter is less than 0.4 millimeters. Therefore, if you do not need any specific size, you should go with the largest size. It is essential to choose the standard shapes of the castellation PCB board unless you have a distinctively shaped cabinet to suit your project. 

  • Use right via

There are three types of pathways – blind, buried, and through holes. Blind and buried trails are for high-density, high-frequency PCBs. So if you do not need these avenues, leave them to avoid the extra cost. Before adding layers for more routing space, performance, and power plans, think twice.

  • Keep to the minimum spacing.

It works opposite the board size. If you decrease the space between tracks, pads, and other components on the PCB, the cost will increase. Try to maintain an average distance. The reason is that you are packing more stuff into a smaller package. As a result, you will have to pay more.

  • Setting design for penalty

You can order a giant panel with different other PCBs, as large panels save money. The machine does not need any extra time to set up.


If you choose a circuit manufacturing company, you should choose the standard size circuit board. It makes work more accessible and more efficient too. Therefore, customizing your order requires an extra setup that costs more. If you are not building a very complex design, you should stick with the standard surface mount components. 


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