What is a Customer Loyalty Program?

What is Customer Loyalty? Customer Loyalty is a customer’s willingness to buy a particular product on a regular basis, regardless of the positive or negative experiences they associate with this company. Loyal customers are often your most valuable brand advocates. Loyal customers value the quality services and products that a business offers, and are willing to spend their money to support this high quality organization. Customers also prefer to have a Customer Relationship Management with an organization where they can be sure that if they need to reach a live person they can do so with minimal wait time or hassle.

There are many brands that have a strong customer loyalty program; however, none stands out as having the ability to drive sales and increase bottom line profits like Starbucks does. Starbucks has a well developed Customer Loyalty Program which focuses on providing its customers with excellent customer service and the products and beverages they enjoy. Starbuck’s philosophy is that each customer experience should be enjoyable, and that a simple formula will create this favorable experience for each customer. This philosophy has created loyal customers who go to Starbucks for their coffee and other products and become regular patrons who regularly make an investment in the company.

Under the Customer Loyalty Program at Starbucks, customers earn reward points when they buy any of the following Starbucks products: espressos, frappes, lattes, and other beverages. The points add up, and once you have reached a certain amount of them, you can redeem your reward points for various products from select partners. These products include: Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Scent Shop, Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works, Pier 1 Imports, Neiman’s, Bazaar Deli, Seattle Drugs, Target, Pier 1 Opens, and many others.

The customer loyalty program at Starbucks is a powerful marketing and advertising tool because it encourages their current customers to remain loyal to the company by offering special deals, rewards, and free products. Not only does it promote and introduce new products to their customers, but it also builds customer loyalty by encouraging existing customers to continue to purchase items from the same brand they’ve come to love. In fact, many restaurant chains have integrated similar programs into their menus as they seek to attract repeat business from the same source.

The Customer Loyalty Program encourages customers to use the internet to get information about the latest offerings from their favorite brands, which often results in higher revenue per acquisition. Through the Customer Loyalty Program, customers can learn what new products are being added, which new and improved offerings are featured, and which restaurants and food chains offer them free merchandise. They can read blogs posted by restaurant reviews, get general restaurant tips, and obtain coupons. All of this, and more, allows them to make better purchasing decisions.

Another reason for a long-term program is that it helps you get an edge on your competition. You may think you’re getting an affordable offer, but a lot of the big restaurant chains are going with it because it’s cheaper and requires little effort on their part. However, you don’t have to put in a lot of effort to beat out the competition, and you can build long-term loyalty with your customers to boot. It all comes down to one concept: providing your customers with more value for their dollar. By doing so, you can develop brand loyalty, which will translate into long-term sales for you.

A Customer Loyalty Program is most effective when it has a rewards program tied in. Whether you’re using a coupon’s program or a tier program, you want to provide something of value to your customers in order to encourage them to purchase more of the things they buy from you. That incentive can come in the form of store credits or discounts. You can also provide cash back, free gift certificates, or even a percentage of a large purchase. If you provide something of value to your customers on a regular basis, then they’ll be more likely to purchase from you in the future.

Customer loyalty programs are very important to the success of an online store. However, not all online stores offer loyalty programs. If yours does not offer any form of rewards program, then you need to find one as soon as possible. Helping your customers stay loyal to you is a huge part of being successful, and by offering something of value, you can help them do just that.


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