What innovative solutions online casinos offer today and what gamblers should expect in the future.

Introducing the Latest Technology to Online Casinos

Every year online casinos offer new revolutionary solutions, attracting more and more gamblers to their side. The online gambling industry skillfully uses technical advances quickly introducing them into its activities. Thus, gamblers get new opportunities, functionality expands, and new slot machines are developed. 

Today, online venues are driving out land-based establishments, offering a rich library of games, generous bonus rewards that are absent in land-based casinos. Moreover, it is much more comfortable and safer to play without leaving home, especially after the appearance of double authentication, which protects users’ personal data. 

Contemporary gamblers have already got access to a number of interesting features, such as live dealer games and mobile casinos for a smartphone. These solutions work for benefit of online casinos enabling users to play slots for real money or take advantage of the trial version in demo mode.

What new technologies will be used in the future

The introduction of innovative technologies as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy enables platforms to become leaders in the gambling industry. Only the most advanced online establishments can adapt to modern conditions and introduce new tools on their platforms. What features are already available to gamblers and what innovative solutions are expected in the future? Let us have a closer look.

Virtual technologies

VR and 3D technologies have already been actively used in some establishments. And in the future, they will be actively used by most progressive platforms. Here you can see what the virtual world can give to gamblers:

  • realistic environment – gamblers feel like they are in a real casino;
  • three-dimensional slots – any online game takes shape pulling gamblers into the process;
  • the virtual world is more exciting and vivid; it gives a lot of emotions and adrenaline; everything is available to any user without leaving the comfort of home.

So far, this technology is used cautiously, only with some slot machines from top developers. It should be understood that special equipment, namely a helmet or glasses will be required if users want to immerse themselves in a VR environment. 

However, most providers see the future perspectives for this format when they explore this little-known area. For example, such a renowned company as NetEnt has already offered some of its best sellers with relevant features to casinos. Nevertheless, users have to wear a helmet and hand sensors to hear, see in 360 degrees, and interact with the machines, as well as to experience all the benefits of novelties.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain

Digital currencies have always had a controversial position in the global financial world. However, given the capitalization of some cryptocurrencies measured in billions of dollars, this type of payment is very promising. Many online casinos have already developed a combined payment system, and there are some that accept cryptocurrencies only.

The development and integration of blockchain provide the capability to conduct financial transactions absolutely securely, without indicating any sensitive information. This has become a real breakthrough for anonymous payments and attracts many gamblers. Furthermore, when paying with crypto, the gambler loses virtually no commission, and payment processing takes a couple of minutes.


The development of HTML5 has become one of the most significant events in the world of online casinos, as it provides a seamless connection at higher speeds. Previously, all platforms had to operate with Flash and even Java, which caused significant limitations in data transfer. Now providers and developers have the opportunity to implement game software in high resolution, with animation and 3D effects. In addition, this format is supported by absolutely all browsers, which was not the case with Flash.

Flash HTML5
Transparency and security A proprietary resource controlled by Adobe, thus it is inferior in terms of security and relevance.  This is an open-source project; everyone can participate in its advancement and improvement. The result is high security for businesses and individuals
Compatibility Comes in several versions, so you need to find the one that is compatible with the browser and content Suitable for almost all web browsers, with a view to full compatibility in the future
Power consumption It has disadvantages in terms of power; it requires a lot of energy, which affects the autonomous operation of mobile devices It is a more power-saving option; it needs a minimum of energy, which results in higher demand and practicability

HTML5 supports both desktop and mobile versions, so when shifting from one to another, there are no such issues as a drop in speed or incorrect content display.

Mobile casino

Many gamblers use their smartphones and tablets to entertain themselves in the virtual casino without the need to spend all the time in from of the screen of their computers or laptops. The mobility of the online casino enables them to place bets and spin the reels of slots at any location and at any time. The users do not experience any restrictions, the same features and slot machines are available to them. 

After the mass release of smartwatches, providers gave serious thought to the possibility of playing games directly from these miniature gadgets. Users do not even have to take out their smartphones -just turn the hand and play from a smart device. 

Back in 2017, Microgaming introduced its first smartwatch with online gaming support. In the future, this technology will develop, bringing mobile gambling to a new level.


Today, few people can be surprised by the information that the slot machine is powered by a random number generator. But just a few years ago, this technology was considered something new and unknown. This innovative approach guarantees a fair game for gamblers. The emulator legality is confirmed through regular inspections performed by special laboratories, such as eCOGRA and iTechLabs. They issue a statement confirming that the operation of the slot has not been intervened.


The world of technology evolves all the time. Thus, it offers new solutions to improve comfort and safety. If such solutions are used properly and in a timely manner, then the establishments can successfully compete in the gambling business, and become the industry leaders.

Not every establishment is able to integrate new tools, so only the best and most progressive platforms are offered to gamblers.


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