Ways to Make the Most of Your Kickstarter Marketing

Ways to Make the Most of Your Kickstarter Marketing

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that makes raising funds for creative projects very simple. You can consult crowdfunding consultants on Kickstarter; anyone with a good idea can create a campaign and gather funding to make it a reality, from a board game to eco-friendly fashion to the next smartwatch. 

We say “relatively straightforward” because preparing, producing, maintaining, and managing a Kickstarter advertising campaign takes a lot of time and effort. As a project creator, you must take a few measures to increase your chances of success on Kickstarter. 

The following pointers will assist you in making the most of your Kickstarter campaign.

  • Do Your Research

Before you jump in, do a lot of research about your project. Before you start your campaign, ask yourself the following questions:

How much did it cost you to create your project?

This will aid in the creation of prizes. Don’t forget to look into both domestic and international shipping options.

What is the bare minimum of funds you require?

Remember that Kickstarter advertising is an all-or-nothing platform, which means that if you don’t meet your funding target, you won’t receive any funds. So if your goal is set too high, you risk not meeting it and not receiving any funds, but if it is set too low, you risk not meeting your backers’ expectations.

How long do you want the campaign to run?

Campaigns can span anywhere from a few hours to several months. Longer campaigns are less likely to succeed because the completed project will have depleted your resources. Campaigns lasting shorter than 30 days, on the other side, risk receiving insufficient publicity and may receive less financing.

  • Get the word out about your launch.

It’s crucial to tease your future release. We recommend that you create a landing page to which you may direct traffic and collect email addresses. If you already have a website, we recommend placing a banner at the top of the page with a call to action to sign up for updates on your future launch. 

We recommend increasing your social media presence and launching a Facebook advertising campaign to collect more email addresses in the lead-up to the debut during this pre-launch phase. Once your project is live, the more informed your subscribers are about your product and its imminent launch, the more likely they are to convert into genuine backers.

  • Send emails to old and new contacts.

Everyone knows someone who knows someone who can get the ball rolling. Email marketing through the Indiegogo marketing agency is a terrific technique to tease new and existing contacts who have expressed interest in your product about your upcoming launch.

  • Make an interesting video.

The centerpiece of your campaign is your video. It’s the first thing people will notice, and if it’s not appealing, few people will scroll down to discover more. Make sure your film is simple to follow and conveys the message of your project. According to our research, the best-performing projects have a video completion rate of 35 percent or above.

  • Make a Kickstarter page that is simple to navigate.

Digital content should be written with skimmers in mind. You’re making your material more consumable and understandable by doing so. Use graphics to break up your material, interesting headlines to break up sections, and GIFs when possible.

It will be easier to read your text if you do things like this. Campaigns should be very visual, and they should get the information through without using a lot of text. Give as much information as you need, but be merciless in reducing it to the bare minimum. It is better to consult Kickstarter experts while considering your Kickstarter campaigning. 



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