Ultimate Shooting Guide for NBA 2K23

Want to improve your NBA 2K23 shooting and acquire more greens? Well, stop looking now! To transform from a brick king or mediocre shooter into a walking bucket, we have brought together practical 2K23 shooting advice that you can use right away.

Select the Proper MyPlayer Build

Choosing the optimal shooting strategy The first thing to think about is the MyPLAYER construct to gain greens, which will play a significant role in the likelihood of obtaining buckets. Here is how to focus it:

  • Pick a build where shooting is your primary skill.
  • Pick a construct that has a lot of badges for shooting.
  • Builds should be appropriate for your shooting playstyle. It would be better to use a more 3PT heavy pure sharpshooter setup if your preferred playing style is more spot up, catch and shoot, and spread the floor. Having a balanced combination of shooting and playmaking would’ve been beneficial if your style of play is more of a dual threat as just a ball handler and shooter. Setting up Shooting Badge constructions should take your anticipated playstyle into account as well.

Select the Appropriate Shooting Badges and Badge Stack

As we previously indicated, the badges you wear may depend on your play style. However, the shooting badges listed below are generally accessible and advantageous for any build. Here is a link to the complete list of shooting badges.


“Core Badges” are brand-new to NBA 2K23 and must be obtained by completing tasks. Make sure you “core” shooting badges if you want to be a sharpshooter.


Another strategy to improve your shooting is called “Badge Stacking,” which involves combining many badges at once, such as the “Catch and Shoot” badge and the “Corner Specialist” badge.


Positive Badges (Overall)

Blinders, Deadeye, Amped

Prioritize spot-up construction

Catch & Shoot, Claymore, Corner Specialist, Limitless Range

Prioritize for dual threat ball handler/shooter builds

Space Creator, Agent 3, Middy Magician

Make use of badge stacking

To enhance shot success, stack badges such as Corner Specialist + Catch & Shoot + having a teammate (online or CPU) with the Dimer Badge.

Earn Your Hot Spots / Hot Zones & Know Them

On the court, there are areas or “spots” that dynamically vary according on how effectively your player shoots from certain areas. When shooting from one Hot Spot, more rounds will go in; when shooting from a Cold Spot, the opposite is true.

Activating a Hot Zone:

  • 40% in the paint area
  • 55% in the close-up area
  • 50% in the mid-range
  • 40% around 3PT
  • In your most recent 25 to 50 games (MyCAREER, Park, Recreation, and Pro-AM) with at least ten shot attempts in each of the categories.

A cold zone’s removal is as follows:

  • Continue shooting in the numerous court regions and raise the percentages to meet the previously indicated Hot Spot criteria.
  • Wait 25 to 50 games before shooting in that zone.

Discover & equip your MyPlayer with the best jump shot

Find the Best Jump Shots for NBA 2K23

Try experimenting with various shot bases & releases if you haven’t yet discovered the correct shot.

NBA 2K23’s Shot Attributes are brand-new, introducing four distinct categories that influence a jumpshot:

Shot speed is the speed at which the shot reaches the appropriate release point.

Release Height refers to the height the shot is fired.

  • How well a shot performs in defensive situations is known as defensive immunity.
  • Timing Impact: Changes shot windows to encourage accurate timing while increasing the penalty for inaccurate timing.
  • To make your own shot, use the jump shot creator in-game.
  • You can make your own unique jump shot using the in-game Jump Shot Creator. Base, releases 1 and 2, blending percentage, & release speed are your options.
  • In MyCAREER > Main Menu > MyPLAYER Appearance > Animations > Jump Shot Creator, you may access Jumpshot Creator.

Be familiar with the Shot Meter and Shot Mechanics

In NBA 2K23, you can shoot using either the right shooting stick or the shot button (x/square). The shot meter should ideally be set to “off” in the controller settings so that your player doesn’t receive an advantage when taking shots. If you decide to use the shot meter, shoot the ball at the top of your jump shot and watch for passing objects to help you timing the shot accurately.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

We’re discussing practice! To practice new jump shoots, iron out the kinks in your shot, discover the sweet spot of when to release the ball, etc., take advantage of shooting around in the city or neighborhood, the Gatorade Gym, or perhaps an empty Pro-Am arena.

  • The shot should be taken at the jump’s apex as a general rule.
  • Work on all kinds of shots: dribble-to-shot, catch-and-shoot, fadeaway, mid-range, three-point, in trouble spots, etc.
  • The game’s various shot types will become completely familiar to you as you practice, giving you a variety of ways to attack their defense in various circumstances.
  • Once you are confident in your shot and jump shot mechanics after practice, use them in a real game, whether it is against the computer or in online multiplayer games, to see how they fare against real defense.
  • When playing online, remember to account for input lag and latency and how they could effect your jump shot.

Improve Your Shot IQ and Make Better Shots

Any player can learn how to make a money jump shot, but for the best shot success, players must have an innate sense of when to shoot. Listed below are some pointers to raise your shot IQ:


  • Avoid forcing poor shots. having both patience and awareness. Opportunity is important. You have 24 seconds on the shot clock; make the most of it. A poor shot, such as one that is severely disputed, hurried, forced, etc., is essentially a gift to the defense and absolves your opponent of responsibility.
  • Always try to obtain good shots at the basket while the opponent is too far away to vigorously block the shot.
  • Turn on Shot Feedback if necessary (under Controller Settings)
  • In NBA 2K23, stamina and adrenaline boosts are more important than ever. While your MyPLAYER is still fresh, some shots might connect while others might brick when their stamina is running low. Consider including this in your shooting.
  • Be mindful of your MyPLAYER’s hot and cold streaks as this affects shooting success as well.

Movement, Positioning, and Spacing

Whether you have the ball in your hands or are playing off-ball, you always have a number of goals in mind when you shoot. To enhance shot success, acquiring excellent looks depends on a number of factors, including floor spacing, movement and posture, timing, and chemistry.

Shooter movement with the ball:

Create space.

The goal is to create space between you and your defender if you are a jump shooter with the ball in your hands so you can try a quality shot. This is accomplished by assessing how the defense is handling you and responding accordingly, as well as by employing a variety of plays to find openings (see below)

Effective Techniques:

  • A live dribble Triple Threat Jab/Step-over is a wonderful move to open up space and throw the opponent off-balance.
  • James Harden-style stepback jumpers open up lots of room off the dribble.
  • Before the aid defense arrives, it can be advantageous to sprint toward the mid-range baseline and shoot against a trailing defender from there.
  • Making room behind a screen or taking a pick from your big is a terrific technique to free up space if your guy is a competent ball handler.

Moving as a Shooter Without the Ball:

Get Open

As an off-ball player, it is your responsibility to create space on the floor, get yourself open, get your teammates open, create open targets for the pass, and get yourself open. In order for your teammates to drive and kick, get all the way to the hoop, etc., you want to give them driving lanes. It’s not just about you, so consider where your teammates are standing. Give them space to work. Assess your teammates and make necessary adjustments.

Sync Up with Your Team Members

With your teammates, particularly in online multiplayer modes, you want to develop chemistry. This is accomplished by coordinating your movement, placement, and timing with your team’s potential passes while also allowing them space to maneuver if they choose to iso. These subtle differences frequently determine whether you get an opening or not, as well as whether you win or lose. Being an open target for the quarterback is the ideal method to synchronize, especially if/when the help defender rotates in. If the opportunity between both the pass and the catch and shoot are synced up, this enhances team cohesion and increases the likelihood of taking open shots.

Spread out / Space the Floor

Spreading out and distributing the floor while spotting up in the corners or 3PT wing areas is one of the best off-ball alternatives for a shooter. In the event that the defense crumbles, the ball handler will have space to drive and kick out to the shooter(s).

Read the defense, then respond

One strategy for spreading the floor is to spot up at the 3, but shooters should always be aware of how the defender is playing them and adjust their actions accordingly, whether they are using a 5-out, 4-1, motion offense, or any other approach.

If the defender is playing too tightly, use pump fakes and backdoor cuts to keep the defense on its toes.


These are all the tips for how to shoot better in NBA 2k23. I may net cover all the tips but these will help you to be a good shooter for sure! And if you want to buy NBA 2k23 MT, you can go visit buymmog.com for safe and cheap MT..