Toro Equipment to The Rescue: All about Toro Golf Mowers and Preventive Maintenance

With the vaccine rollout underway, people are looking forward to things “getting back to normal”. However, while optimists predict normality resuming by winter 2021, pessimists look forward to a more dependable 2022. 

Whether you’re a Toro golf course equipment operator, superintendent or general manager, Toro assists in balancing pristine green standards with the lowest total cost of ownership. Even if playing golf is off your radar now, contours of green for consistent, immaculate cut helps in extreme durability. 

However, frequent maintenance evaluation on used toro golf course equipment helps in durability and save you from splurging dollars on replacements. In other words, periodic maintenance is an integral investment promising lucrative returns. 

Toro golf Mowers 

To sync in with the array of factors, including property’s size, types of terrain, and the number of landscape features that affect mowing. From Jacobsen golf course equipment to turf pieces of machinery, every equipment serves a specific function. Likewise, each mower is designed to cater to different mowing requirements. From trimming the turf to the ranking of sand bunkers, everything needs to be perfect. Therefore, we’ve narrowed down a few mowers to help you regain a comprehensive idea of the functionality. 

Push Mowers:

The push mowers enable operations to get into compact spaces where large commercial mowers cannot, allowing workers free movement between sites with relative ease and can. The range of these mowers can reach small microscopic areas that larger walk behind or ride on mowing machinery cannot. 

The push mowers are relatively lightweight and appropriate for the soft turf without sinking into the turf and causing damage. 

Self Propelled Mowers:

These convertible walk behind mowers enable easy mulch or side discharge grass clippings. The walk-behind mowers are faster and produce impeccable results in turf health and beauty if used frequently. In addition, the clippings adjoin nutrients and scale down the requirement of fertilization ( due to added nutrients). 

The cutting width in most walk-behind mowers ranges from 36-, 48- to 52- and 60 inches. 

Zero Turn Mowers:

With an increased demand for productive mowers, the zero-turn mowers are powerful and swift, and they are popular options for large properties. The radius mowers place the mowing deck in front of the equipment, and as the name refers to, the rotating radius allows operators to gash objects like trees and buildings. In addition, these mowers can cut enlarged grass areas much more easily in less time with greater manoeuvrability and swift cutting capabilities. 

The zero-turn mowers have dual manoeuvres for increased steering and operations. Most zero turns are accessible in cutting widths of 38, 48 or 72 inches.  

Riding mowers:

 The riding mowers are popular avenues to flatter landscapes and are most appropriate for mowing multiple acres without fatiguing the operator. Manufacturers of the mowers incorporate numerous advances in powerful engines, high speeds, improved gashed quality, and manoeuvrability. Some riding mowers are equipped with engines ranging power upto 30 horsepower (hp) and deliver consistency 14-15 miles per hour. The Cutting deck and blade arrays on various riding mowers also make it viable for the widest models to bring about quality cuts. 

The riding mowers are available with gash mowing time while allowing mower operators to produce a more appealing and proportioned ground. 

What mower do golf courses use?

Golf greens of the golf courses- they’re what gold aficionados reminisce the most. There’s a soaring demand from golf course operators to deliver pristine greens and consistency and nutrients all across. While rotary and zero turn mowers deliver results beyond expectations, the toro green mowers maintain the golf courses with the common goal of reducing the carbon footprints and noise pollution. Sustainable for the environment, the green mowers deliver productivity and performance. 

Importance of Preventive maintenance of Toro golf course equipment 


Preventive maintenance on a regular interval drastically reduces the chances of unexpected breakdowns. Irrespective of reacting to an unprecedented crisis or potential damage, systematic maintenance helps you forfeit potential downtime for the turf equipment and sustain a monopoly over the maintenance expenses. Furthermore, cleaning, changing the oil, and periodically conducting a filter ensures the machinery functions smoothly between the overhauls. 


The maintenance expenses can burn a huge hole in your pocket sometimes when gauged to the cost of replacing the entire piece of machinery. Performing frequent preventive maintenance on the piece of used turf equipment can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Machine guarding also forfeits critical mechanical parts is another modus operandi to protect your machine. Even if you plan to sell the piece of machinery, say toro golf course mowers, an efficient piece of machinery can bring you substantial profit for sale. 

Sustainable to the environment:

In addition to sustaining the golf course, periodic maintenance of the golf course equipment reduces harmful emissions. In addition, you secure more miles per gallon and better equipment that performs at the best of its efficiency. It generates less air pollution, given that the average mower discloses as many emissions and smoke as five new cars. The decrease in the number of carbon emissions creates considerable differences in the air quality index and ecosystem.


The electronic system tracks the equipment and helps you analyze the equipment maintenance cost over time. Electronic systems make it a cakewalk to generate expenses such as parts, labour, and fuel requirements. This data helps you make a strategic decision about the piece of machinery and justify future purchase decisions. 

Mowing arguably consumes a major portion of the maintenance team’s operations. In addition, specialized equipment like toro golf course mowers, turf equipment can board your bank accounts. Therefore, maintenance of toro equipment benefits not only your golf course but also saves you from the expense of splurging thousands of dollars on new equipment.

Corporate transparency, sustainability efforts and high ethical values are a few attributes required to attain consumer confidence. Consumers acknowledge their purchasing autonomy more than ever. Opt for practices that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

Furthermore, getting enticed by rotary and reel mowers is easy, but purchase only the turf machinery that meets the expectations of your golf course. 

After a long haul of 15 months, as golfers gear up for a return, commit to high standards through consistent and dependable turf services. In addition to utility vehicles, aeration and efficient Toro irrigation, mowers are important for efficiency too.








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