Top 5 Places for Sightseeing in Virginia

Virginia is a place with plenty of historical significance to the United States. As such, if you’re looking for a place where the celebration and teaching of America’s history and founding is front and center for tourists, look no further than Virginia’s many landmarks and monuments. Here are the 5 best places to go sightseeing in Virginia.

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is a long stretch of shoreline with numerous activities and sights to see. Between Dolphin Kayaking tours along the beach itself, indoor skydiving, a zipline tour of Virginia’s wetlands, there are more ways to explore the beach than there are hours in the day. If you’re having trouble narrowing down where to go, the city’s scavenger hunt programs are an efficient and fun way to help get around. You could spend a week on the beach and still not see all that it has to offer, so come see it today.

Arlington National Cemetery

One walking tour that any American history buff can’t afford to miss is the one found at Arlington National Cemetery. Visitors will get to see the many grave sites of America’s greatest fallen soldiers and politicians, and even witness the Changing of the Guard. The jewel of the cemetery is without a doubt the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a symbolic grave for all those soldiers who cannot be identified before coming home, if they come home at all. The cemetery is located near some of the finest Arlington real estate, so even residents can have the opportunity to see the monuments in all their glory. Arlington is a place that can’t be missed.

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is a comprehensive U.S. art museum found in the heart of Richmond. With over 5,000 years of art on display, it’s no wonder the Wall Street Journal called VMFA a “two-day museum.” With great Richmond restaurants all around it, the museum is situated in the perfect spot for a sightseeing tour. Contrary to many of the expensive sights in Virginia, VMFA has free admission, so there’s no reason not to check it out.

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

A lesser-known spot compared to Arlington National Cemetery or Virginia Beach, the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is a lovely spot for those looking for a peaceful break from the hustle and bustle of the greater city of Richmond. Found on most walking tours of the city, the Botanical Garden is a great place for fine dining, family fun, or even to book your next big event. Additionally, the Garden has daily events such as their Pollinator Symposium, Butterflies LIVE, and Flowers After 5 in the evening.

Mount Vernon

The home of George Washington, Mount Vernon is found in historic Old Town Alexandria. If you’re on your way to DC, Mount Vernon’s day tours are a great way to make the trip easier and more fun. One of the nations most popular historic locations, Mount Vernon’s storied history, as well as George Washington’s himself, is shown to those lucky enough to catch a guided tour. See the wonders of the 17th and 18th century by taking a trip down to Mount Vernon.