Tools To Enlarge Image without Losing Quality (Top Tested Tools)

Tools To Enlarge Image without Losing Quality (Top Tested Tools)

Are you looking for the best tool for image enlargement without losing the quality? Don’t Panic! You are at the right place. Previously developed tools and softwares were not smart enough to enhance the image size without losing quality. Thanks to intelligent technology and tools. You can now enlarge an image without compromising quality.

The internet is flooded with several image upscaler having different features, storage size, operating system compatibility and more. These options will make you confused whenever you go to search for the best image upscaler online. To help you out, we have shortlisted the best image upscalers that will not compromise the image quality.

List of Image Upscalers without Losing Image Quality

We have tested all these tools for different types of images and operating systems. To ensure quality, we have tested them for several images having distinctive file types. So, let’s move on to the short introduction to these tools.


Image upscale is a free and incredible tools to enlarge images. The amazing things is that you can easily enlarge the images without losing the image quality, or any pixilation. The most prominent aspect is that this tools works on convolutional network based-on deep learning. In our experience, the tools is perfect for image enlargement and many other general editing.

2.   Upscale Pics

Upscale Pics is the top-notch software in our list. It offers numerous free photo enlargement options and even allows users to sharpen images online. You can pick up either expensive or affordable plans. Moreover, you don’t need to download it because online softwares works online without downloading in your local stores. In our experience, it is one of the most attractive and amazing tools that enhances the image size without losing quality.

The software comprises many amazing features such as browser-based software. The software adds necessary AI data to keep the image optimized after enlargement. Not only this, but this software enhances the texture and quality while uploading the image on the software.

3.   On1 Resize

On1 Resize is another premium software having incredible tools to enlarge the image size, making beautiful printable graphics and giving you the best image. We assure the print will also look high quality if you enlarge that image in On1 Resize software. There are several key features of this software that we are going to explain. The first and most prominent feature is its zooming capability. With this excellent software, you can enlarge the image up to 1000% more than the original size.

Moreover, it also has soft-proofing features that optimize the photo for printing purposes. We assure you will enjoy this amazing tool for creating real-world images with high enlargement.

4.   Reshade

It’s a free desktop software dedicated to enlarging image size without losing quality. We found this software very lightweight and don’t have a high price tag. You can also use it for bulk image enlargement. This software also brings many excellent benefits for you. Firstly, it does not decrease the image quality. Secondly, you can even crop the image before or after increasing the size. Not only this, but you can upload the photo in a wide range of formats such as JPG, PNG, and TIFF. In short, it’s an all-in-all photo editing and enlargement software.

5.   Image Enlarger

It’s a free and great website to increase the size of any image having a straightforward and easy interface. More people like it because of its traditional interface. The procedure to resize the image is so simple. You just have to upload the image, select the format, and output image size, and it’s all done.

This state-of-the-art software also brings some great features, such as you can upload images within seconds. No need to download it on your laptop; just open the browser and use it easily. Similarly, you can only upload images in JPG or PNG formats. The zooming is based on percentage, width, and height. Lastly, this software is available in multiple languages.

6.   GIMP

Last but not least, GIMP is also an open-source software and is the best alternative to famous software, i.e., Photoshop. Plus, you can easily download it and use it on your laptop or PC. The prominent feature is that there is no limit to editing with this software. If you learn it, we bet you can do incredible photo editing with it.

The significant features are different resizing formats and ratios. It offers you a personalized desktop interface for editing. Whenever you upload an image, it enhances the image quality automatically to give you the best results.


In summary, photo editing and enlargement are the major things that a graphic designer does. Almost all the people who are related to graphic designing or social media need to enlarge the image. To help you out, we have shortlisted 5 top software for increasing the size of an image without losing quality. We hope you will find these softwares helpful.


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