Tricks to Solve Math Word problems on various Topics

Tips & Tricks to Solve Math Word problems on various Topics

Today we’re writing a bog post related to topics on math word problems we’re going to look at things that are all written out we’re going to use some math to solve them we’re going to see how knowing math can actually help us in life if we ever I don’t know eat a bunch of hamburgers so first off what to expect today we are going to identify what the question is asking strategize how we’re going to solve it and then set it up with math terms solve the question and check our work those are the basic steps that we are going to follow on those five steps most some problem-solving strategies are based around these same basic principles although they may call them different things for the different steps but this is the basic five step process for solving word problems and you can also learn amazing tricks on – Less Time Homework.

Let’s take a look at one of the topics on math word problems if I have 24 hamburgers I eat half of them in one hour that my dog eats half of what was left in one hour how many hamburgers do I have left. Let’s look at our five step process

  • In first step we can definitely identify that as well so that’s my identify step what are we looking for what’s not important step.
  • The second one is to strategize how I am going to solve this. This is a strategy it’s not math so what I say is something like this half means dividing specifically half means dividing by two.
  • In the next step I’m going to solve this using division I’m going to solve it by dividing something in half perfect then I’m going to set it up that’s the step where I actually write down the math. I had 24 I’m dividing it by two and then I’m taking what’s left and dividing it by two again that’s how I would write it down in math terms step.
  • I solve it and for that step I’m going to actually do the math 24 divided by two is 12. 12 divided by 2 is 6 so my answer is 6.
  • My final step is to check my work when I’m doing the check your work step there’s a couple of different things you can do one you definitely have to ask yourself does this make sense look at the question how many hamburgers do I have left I started with 24 I ate half of them my dog ate half of that does having 6 left make sense yeah if it was an answer like 600 at the end it wouldn’t make sense it wouldn’t make sense that you have more at the end than when you started so this step helps us to think about what we’re doing also you could actually work the question backwards this is a step called using inverse operations.

I hope this one lesson out of topics on math word problems was helpful for you and you can also practice more examples like this on – Less Time Homework, have a wonderful day.


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