Suunto: A Great Timepiece for Athletes and Outdoor Lovers

When people think of robust watches fit for outdoor activities, names such as Rolex Explorer or Omega Seamaster come to mind. And while these labels have proven their worth to be reliable companions for open-air adventures, there are still some other excellent brands to choose from. One of these brands is Suunto – a Finnish label that produces compasses, watches, and other accessories perfect for environmental adventures.

So, how is this brand different compared to other timepieces? Well, for starters, Suunto offers a selection of smartwatches with additional modifications depending on the model. Some watches may have features such as an altimeter or barometer. Others may have trackers that indicate your heart rate or sleep duration. If you enjoy outdoor activities, keep reading. This article will be your quick guide to Suunto watches.

Suunto’s Impressive History

As a robust watch perfect for any terrain, it’s not surprising that Suunto’s origin and heritage are heavily associated with the great outdoors. Finnish adventurer Tuomas Vohlonen established the brand in 1936 when he created a liquid-filled compass with a more precise needle. His invention was based on his discontent with the current technology along with the harsh environment and all-day darkness of the Arctic.

Designed by a renowned adventurer based on his experience, Suunto watches and compasses have indeed displayed their reliability in different instances throughout history. For example, a Finnish soldier placed his Suunto field compass in his pocket. This compass blocked a bullet shot by a Russian sniper during the Winter War, saving his life in the process. Another example of the Finnish label being an excellent companion is when a British sports diver wore a Suunto compass in 1965. To his surprise, the compass worked underwater. It allowed the Finnish brand to develop its first diving compass. Overall, Suunto has continuously provided accurate and high-quality accessories for many decades since its establishment.

Excellent Suunto Watch Collections

Suunto offers a massive selection of reliable timepieces perfect for outdoor activities and urban exercises. Here are some examples of the Finnish brand’s most notable watch collections.

Suunto 7

If you want to maintain an active lifestyle, then this collection is an excellent choice for you. Suunto 7 watches have modifications that will come in handy for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. These include sleep tracking, daily heart rate, and body resources. They also have other features including GPS, route navigation, and starting point indicators – practical if you do exercises in an urban environment. A model that displays these features is the 50m water-resistant Suunto 7 Black Lime. The durability of this 50mm watch is possible due to its glass fiber case, stainless-steel bezel, and gorilla glass crystal. These are complemented with a silicone strap, giving the timepiece its sporty and vibrant appeal.

Suunto 9

This collection is a worthy alternative to the previous series. For instance, the 50mm Suunto 9 White is modified with a glass fiber case, stainless-steel bezel, and mineral crystal. But unlike the model above, this 100m water-resistance model can show your blood oxygen level. And should you have the Suunto app on your phone, the watch can also indicate points of interest for activities such as running or swimming. You can also plan your route through Komoot – one of Suunto’s partner apps focused on navigation.

Suunto 9 Baro

Longevity and reliability are two of the words that can be best associated with this series. With a water resistance of 100m and seven days of continuous GPS tracking, Suunto 9 Baro is the perfect watch collection for prolonged outdoor activities. Take a look at the 50m Suunto 9 Baro Black, for example. You won’t need to worry about the timepiece taking some hits and bumps as well. The dial is covered with a sapphire crystal that comes with a glass fiber case and stainless-steel bezel. The watch also features a weather function that allows you to track the current temperature and even alarms you if a storm is coming. Because of its exquisite design, the collection has won the prestigious iF Design Award 2019.  

Suunto D5

Another dive watch collection from the Finnish brand is the Suunto D5. A model that exhibits this lineup’s impressive qualities is the 53mm Suunto D5 Copper. Its reinforced composite case and mineral crystal ensure that the watch is water-resistant up to 100m. It also flaunts features practical for divers such as wireless tank pressure indicator, wireless mobile connection, and interchangeable straps. Its easy-to-use approach and wireless connectivity make it a must-have for avid divers.

Celebrities and Suunto Watches on the Big Screen

Suunto watches are famous for their dashing appearance, impressive durability, and overall functionality. So, it’s no surprise that these timepieces appeared in different movies many times along with Hollywood’s biggest actors.

Mark Wahlberg – Shooter

A Suunto Vector Ref. SS010600110 was worn by Mark Wahlberg in this 2007 action-thriller film. In the movie, Wahlberg portrays Bob Lee Swagger – an expert sniper and survivalist who left the marines. And it makes sense that Swagger wears this Finnish watch. 

Channing Tatum – Dear John

Dear John is a 2010  romantic war drama film based on Nicholas Sparks’s 2006 novel. Channing Tatum portrays John Tyree, a Staff Sergeant in Afghanistan. In some scenes, Tatum can be spotted wearing a Suunto X10 Military. 

Taylor Kitsch – Only the Brave

Based on Sean Flynn’s GQ article titled No Exit, Only the Brave is a 2017 biographical drama film about an elite crew of firefighters. One of them is Christopher MacKenzie portrayed by Taylor Kitsch. He wore a Suunto Core All Black for this role.

Henry Cavill – Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Henry Cavill is known for his roles as Superman in the DC Extended Universe and Geralt of Rivia in the Netflix adaptation of The Witcher. He also portrayed CIA agent August Walker in the sixth installment of the iconic Mission: Impossible franchise. Cavill can be spotted wearing a Suunto Spartan in the film.

In a Nutshell,

If you want an outdoor watch that is unquestionable in terms of reliability, durability, and practicality, then Suunto is worthy of your consideration. These watches offer different modifications that will come in handy in urban areas, dry terrains, or wet environments. Indeed, with such superb qualities, Suunto watches are excellent outdoor companions.


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