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Stereo System : Main Components & Their Importance

When completing home cinema devices, we mainly plan to buy a high-performance TV or projector that will give us an excellent picture. We focus less on devices that are part of the stereo system. However, it is the stereo system to provide you with the best audio experience. Your living room is going to pretend to be the best cinema hall with a sound system that, thanks to its effects, lets you lose yourself completely.

Every year, manufacturers compete in improving the parameters and capabilities of their devices. Visit to choose the best stereo system on the market.

The main component of any stereo system – AV receiver

An essential electronic component in a stereo system is a receiver, which is the heart and brain of any home theater system. It not only receives and transmits signals but also controls the speakers. The simplest and cheapest are able to support the 5.1 system. Five speakers plus one subwoofer. Best would be to think about how many speakers you want to have, and how many of them will fit the space, then you can decide on the model of a receiver.

Note the number of HDMI connections. If you want to connect devices such as a set-top box, Blu-ray player, etc., decide how many inputs and outputs will be best for you. Network functionality for using servers such as Spotify or internet radio, then the receiver that supports it will be useful.

Choose the best speakers for your needs

The home cinema will work great if you choose the right speaker sets for it. It will allow you to sense the mass of sounds that you didn’t realize before that they could exist. Professional effects that create a genuinely cinematic impression have now become more affordable than ever. It is worth mentioning here that, depending on the model, manufacturers use aluminum membrane drivers in the speakers.

Such material ensures proper lightness and stiffness. Aluminum gives unusual properties thanks to which you will gain a characteristic sound. The smaller transducer, which is made of fabric, is usually responsible for high tones.

Remember to choose speakers matching the size of your space. If your room is small and cozy, you can pick in-wall or on-wall speakers. This solution is best suited for you, also if you have kids or pets, because they will not harm themselves and the equipment.

In bigger rooms, you may have floor-standing speakers that will suit the open space best. The complete sound system will include several speakers and a subwoofer.

Music source

Sometimes AV receivers are associated with archaic relics of the past, and it does not immediately occur to us that we can connect them with our smartphones. Nowadays, stereo systems have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules built-in. It is not an old-school tool like someone may think. You can successfully listen to your favorite songs via AV receiver while using music streaming services providers like Spotify or Tidal. This is not a feature only for the rich; you will be surprised how little you have to pay to be able to enjoy great sound.

Every audiophile will enjoy having a stereo system as a replacement for a single wireless speaker. Although this solution takes up more space, it is one of the best ways to bring out exceptional sound effects.

Importance of the stereo system setup

For the best sound possible, you will need to know how to place your stereo system. People often set the speakers in a way that they look good in a room, and compose with other furniture. Speakers put frontwards to the listener will not bring the decent, causing chills, sound.

To deliver clarity, it would be best if you would not place the speakers against the wall. By making a few adjustments, you can improve your system’s quality by a few notches. The main thing is to point the speakers diagonally towards the couch from which you watch TV. It would help if you also moved them away from the wall as far as the room dimensions are going to allow. Reliable home theater companies, such as The Grid, offer to collaborate with your home builders and architects to find out the best method to organize your entire system and make the most out of your new technology.

This procedure is performed to prevent the sound from reflecting off the wall behind the speaker. You can purchase special panels that absorb around 80% of the sound energy that strikes them. It reduces reflections and brings clarity to the music. The same goal is obtained by having soft surfaces in a room, e.g., sofas that help enrich the room’s acoustic.


Even the positioning of the speakers is an essential part of managing a stereo system in your home.

This simple adjustment – investing in a good-quality stereo system will improve your listening to music and watching movies experiences.


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