Why Startups Should Prefer Flutter App Development in 2021

Why Startups Should Prefer Flutter App Development in 2021?

What factors contribute to the success of your startup? In a way, you can rely on high-quality goods and superior customer service. However, as a business founder, how can you overlook the critical nature that serves as the foundation for your clients’ access? With the proper technology selection, startups have the inherent ability to survive and flourish in the long term with efficiency and profitability in a competitive market, regardless of changing market requirements. In today’s mobile-first world, mobile development is the last essential piece of your product’s jigsaw.

Flutter is an app development framework that entered the market only a few years ago but has already captured the hearts of millions of users worldwide. This framework takes a novel approach, including all the best aspects of cross-platform and native programming.

Due to its exclusivity, choosing flutter for MVP development can deliver robust solutions to organizations in a shorter amount of time. As a result, all of this contributes to the growing popularity of Flutter application development services these days.

Flutter is an Open-Source

If you’re considering hiring a flutter app development business for your next project, it’s important to understand that Flutter is an open-source language. Whatever the complexity of your project, developers may quickly transform it into an ideal solution using the vast selection of built-in attractive material design features, such as powerful motion APIs, Cupertino widgets, and smooth, natural scrolling behavior. As it is open-source, developers may experiment with infinite design possibilities while building an app with Flutter.

Low development and maintenance costs

Building a native app may be expensive for startups as developers must create different scripts to produce other operating systems.

For cross-platform apps, a single code base can be used to construct applications that work flawlessly on multiple platforms. This decreases app maintenance costs efficiently.

Shorter time-to-market

As cross-platform applications are designed with one code basis, developing codes is unnecessary to execute your app repeatedly on different devices. This leads to speedier application development and less time to market.

Wide variety of plugins

Developers have access to a vast selection of plugins that make it simple to create a cross-platform application. This simplifies and expedites the entire process of mobile application development. 

Flutter Widgets

Before investing, an organization’s primary worry is the performance of a mobile app. Flutter has some excellent widgets that help guarantee an app runs natively. Its extensive widget library includes scrolling, graphics, typefaces, navigation, and easy programming.

Single Code Base for All OS

A flutter is a smart option for the construction of the mobile app, as it enables you to design Android and iOS apps. Given that Flutter does not rely on JavaScript, developers may create a single code basis to build cross-platform apps with features, functionality and UI/UX that work very well as native apps.

Less Time in Testing

When developing a cross-platform application, the business will avoid hiring a developer to monitor the app’s performance across two distinct platforms. Experts in quality assurance will be required to test only one version of the app. As a result, it also saves a lot of time throughout the testing process.

Faster Time to Market

Because the app requires less research and deployment work than native software, entrepreneurs may launch the app quicker, capitalize on the market leader, and allow early feedback from the start.

Ideal for MVP app development

As you are probably aware, the mobile application development market is through a disruptive technological revolution. Experts frequently propose using a cross-platform framework while developing a prototype. React Native, Flutter, and Xamarin are the top three recommendations.

Nowadays, most entrepreneurs are considering React Native and Flutter. While both are excellent options, mobile app development companies can leverage Flutter that outperforms the competitors in terms of engineering and adaptability.

Additional compelling reasons to utilize Flutter for your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) application include the following:

  • Because Flutter is open source, there are no licensing fees.
  • Rapid application development with hot reloading.
  • Simple integration with Firebase. Developers may use Google’s Firebase backend, which enables them to create serverless and scalable applications.
  • Simple interaction with existing applications, which enables you to incorporate new user interfaces into legacy applications.


With several million new businesses emerging each year, it’s difficult to differentiate oneself as a brand in this ruthless competitive environment. It is best to hire Flutter application development services for a cross-platform platform for your startup app in a cost-effective manner. Additionally, Flutter is relatively simple to understand and utilize. It is equipped with everything necessary for a small and medium product and may also be used for major company projects.

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