Office space can have extensive and indirect impacts on the individual’s psyche, as people spend most of their time there. Several articles and books exist reiterating the significance of a calming workspace. While office cubicles or cabins have Spartan decor, there are various elements people can add to personalise their spaces. They can choose from a range of office furniture to plants and posters to spruce up the vibe in their workplace. Employees also have to consider the rules of their office or organisation while decking their space, but those with Home offices have more freedom. But even with restraints, people can effortlessly find the pieces or decor that can add a personal touch to their workplace.


One primary goal of workplace decor should be to calm the mind and increase efficiency. Employees working for long hours might find it draining, and their office decor should help increase their efficiency. Sober decor could also indirectly affect people’s mindsets, interfering with their work.

Bright Colours

Colours in lighter and brighter shades or tones can help soothe the mind, reflecting in calmer actions. Pastel tones, baby colours, and other bright colours in stationery, accessories, wallpaper, posters, etc., are effortless to incorporate into a workplace. People shouldn’t confuse bright colours with loud colours, although some individuals might find loud colours more to their taste. Office-goers should opt to incorporate powder blue, mint green, lilac, baby pink, cream yellow, eggshell white, tangerine orange, teal, and other such colours in their offices.

Motivational Quotes

Research suggests that motivational quotes and posters do have a positive effect on the mind. These posters are usually available in bright colours with soothing pictures and graphics that impact the mind positively. Employees can find motivational quotes on numerous stationery like desktop calendars, notebooks, posters of all sizes, and more. They can also purchase cups, mugs, pen stands, mouse pads, etc., with motivational wordings and images. It is essential to pick a message or quote that resonates with the individual the most to ensure maximum efficacy. These quotes can evoke the same energy or emotion every time the individual glances at them or reads them, which translates into better motivation in work.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are an excellent addition to every space, including homes. Home offices are ideal for plants as there will be enough space for plants of all sizes. But people with cubicles can also get plants like small cacti, which don’t require complicated maintenance. Cacti are the best option for all workplaces as they need minimum care and grow well in all temperatures. Office-goers can also opt for other indoor plants like the Monstera or the money plant, which are also effortless to grow. Additionally, other plants offer health benefits, like filtering air, that people can add to their workplace. All plants have a positive effect on the mind and help create a positive mindset in the workplace.

Office Furniture

The furniture is perhaps the central component of any workspace, and people should opt for comfortable furniture. Ergonomic chairs, footrests, and other such furniture help increase the comfort level of the workspace. With more comfort, people find better motivation at their workplace. Uncomfortable furniture can cause physiological harm while also affecting the mind negatively. Employers should focus on comfort while choosing their office furniture.

While workplaces are usually places that people dread or complain about, they can improve the ambience for a better office experience. The office ambience plays a significant role in people’s perception of work and their abilities. People can effortlessly include various elements to make their office space pleasant and comfortable, to ensure they enjoy their workspace as much as their work.

Author: Alison Lurie


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