Seven reasons why VPN is essential for online gaming?

Seven reasons why VPN is essential for online gaming?

Do you prefer playing the updated version of Candy Crush on your gadgets? Do you enjoy having a race car marathon on weekends? It is not an issue of what type of game you want; however, if you are playing games via the internet, it is better to have a VPN to maintain your security and privacy. A premium and good-quality VPN also enhances the gaming experience.

Apart from increased privacy, security, and anonymity, there are several other reasons to use a VPN; let’s have a look;

Protect Yourself against Swatting

This is not a common threat in gaming, but there are some cases, especially in multiplayer games, where the participants got so frustrated that they started stalking other players in the lot.

Remember, if an angry player can access your IP address, they can easily hack the social media accounts and ever track your location and stalk you. Moreover, they can even use the technique of swatting where they’ll send emergency messages to your home pretending to be stuck in a hostage situation, etc.

Stay Safe on Public WiFi

Be it your tablet, laptop, or your phone, there are times when you are connected to public WiFi. Hotels, restaurants, malls, and airports all have public WiFi. These free hotspots enable you to play games via the internet. However, these public hotspots aren’t secure most of the time and can cause a threat.

For example, these free hotspots use unencrypted networks where the data between the router and your device is visible to everyone. Anyone can see what websites you visit and the information your browse on. Hackers can take over your credit card accounts, social media, and banking accounts with such details. Therefore a VPN helps you against these attacks.

 Avoid DDoS Attacks

A DDoS attack is when someone sends plenty of requests from affected computers to one system to force it offline.

Previously these DDoS attacks were limited to websites and only some games, but today they can be everywhere, and such attacks can be performed against any website or user.

Your IP address is hidden through a VPN, and anyone planning a DDoS won’t attack you.

Play Online games from any region

Most online games have servers in several regions, and primarily geoblocking technology is used to make sure that you connect to the server in your area only. This usually happens when a game isn’t released worldwide or is grouped due to language barriers. They are so popular that they require servers in multiple regions to handle all their connections.

Premium VPNs cater to this issue; they have servers that operate in multiple regions, due to which you can connect to a server that is outside your area quickly. Make sure to select a suitable company and connect via VPN there.

Enjoy New Releases Earlier 

New releases for games are rarely available worldwide at the same time. It becomes annoying when you are all excited for the latest release to find out that it is not available in your region right now. There goes all your waiting.

However, if you are connected to a VPN, you can easily access and play the latest release as soon as it comes out, even if it’s unavailable in your region. All you have to do is connect to a VPN server in an area where the game has been released and play with all your heart.

Don’t Panic About IP Ban.

Today most game manufacturers use IP bans to restrict users from the games if they don’t follow the terms of service or other rules. There are some issues when users even get IP banned without any reason. Some of these bans are temporary, while others are for sure permanent ones.

Although it is not advisable to violate the rules, if you’ve been banned for no reason, connecting through a VPN provides you with a new IP address that enables you to bypass the ban.

Decrease Lag and Ping Times

Extended ping times between the games server and your device for data transmission is one of the significant causes of lag, and this lag can exploit your fun and game session. Moreover, one of the primary reasons for long ping times is the distance between the game server and your device. However, connecting to a VPN to access the game can decrease the ping times and hence the lag.

Lastly, if you plan to use a console across several devices, opt for a VPN compatible with your router. By connecting your VPN to the router, your device can be protected when connected to Wi-Fi through that particular router.


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