Natural Skin Care Products


What is sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is a type of skin or a condition of skin where skin shows reactions to specific things or in some cases to everything that comes in contact with it.

Be it natural products or store bought high end skin care products, sensitive facial skin usually reacts to everything.

These reactions look and feel like itching, stinging, redness, burning, peeling and tightening.

How to know if I have sensitive facial skin?

If your facial skin has started showing reactions all of a sudden, then try switching your cleanser and moisturiser.

If the condition of your skin gets better then there is a chance that a specific product was triggering your skin, and you don’t have any sensitivity issues.

But if after switching the products you don’t see a difference then make sure to visit a Dermatologist in Lahore and get your facial skin analysed thoroughly.

Dermatologists usually patch test the skin to examine it.

How to take care of sensitive facial skin?

There are a lot of factors like anxiety, stress, pollution, hormonal changes and usage of harsh products that contribute to causing skin sensitivity.

Keep on reading to know how you can calm your sensitive skin down and take care of it.

1.     Extreme dryness;

The core reason for tightness and sandpapery texture on your skin is dehydration. Another reason is skin being naturally dry (this type of skin doesn’t produce enough oil).

To treat this condition make sure you maintain an intake of 8 glasses of water daily. You can opt for fresh juices too if you don’t like taking plain water.

Another major thing that can make an evident difference is washing your face less, which means that if you wash your face twice a day, reduce it to once a day. Also don’t go harsh and only use a gentle soap free cleanser for it.

Eliminate any products from your skincare that may contain alcohol, alcohol will only make your problem worse.

The only thing that works in lessening this problem is application of a cream based product that contains peptide complex, niacinamide and ceramides. Dermatologists suggest being generous and consistent in the application of cream then only you will see a difference.

2.     Frequent breakouts:

Wondering why you are still getting breakouts even though you are way past puberty, dermatologists believe that it may be because of lack of sleep, stress, overactive oil glands and exposure to pore clogging products.

First and foremost thing that you can do is note down the pattern of your breakouts and list all the cosmetic and skin care products that you may be using around that time.

Eliminate them from your regime and if your breakouts start diminishing scrutinise the ingredients of those products to know what triggers your breakouts.

For the treatment of breakouts you can add sulphur and salicylic acid based products in your regime.

Also don’t forget to moisturise and put on a layer of SPF for protection against UV rays which can at times be a culprit for your breakouts too.

3.     Red blotches:

Red blotches usually occur to people who have a skin condition called Rosacea. People with Rosacea flush very easily, it is because blood vessels on their face become dilated which draws blood closer to the surface.

For people who are prone to getting red blotches it is advisable to stay away from spa treatments like microdermabrasion and chemical peels. Skincare products that may contain Glycolic acid or vitamin C are also a big no no for them.

A Dermatologist in Karachi suggests using soap free and anti-inflammatory products that have licorice, colloidal oatmeal and algae as their main ingredient to keep red blotches at bay.




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