S4 Andarine Overview

S4 Andarine Overview: All You Need to Know about S4

S4 is also known as Andarine, S-40503, or GTx-007. It’s a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that targets androgen receptors for muscles and bones. The purpose of its development was to help treat osteoporosis and muscle wasting.

Andarine S4 Overview

Andarine is a very popular SARM because it combines gaining muscle mass with clearing fat. S4 is often compared to the steroids Stanozolol and Anavar because it has a similar effect.

The first thing you will notice with S4 Andarine is the firmer and drier type of muscle, which becomes more pronounced and described. With this SARM you can gain muscle mass and melt fat at the same time. Of course, its effect on weight gain is not as pronounced as with Ligandrol, but on the other hand, as already mentioned, it removes fat.

Due to these facts and its affordable price, consumers often take a higher dose of Andarine C4 or combine it with Ostarin / Ligandrol, accelerating the accumulation of muscle mass three times.

Research studies and human trials

Presently there are no human trials for S-4 Andarine. Most of the tests done are through animal studies.
A 120-day study involving ovariectomized rats, S-4 Andarine was able to maintain bone mass and bone strength. The results were greater compared to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) treatment.

In a different clinical trial, S-4 was able to improve skeletal muscle strength, increase lean body mass, prevent bone loss, as well as lower body fat in rats. Possible pharmacologic effects were also noted for benign prostatic hypertrophy.

In another study, a 4-week administration of S-4 in orchiectomized rats there was a marked increase in bone mineral density and muscle weight. The intensity of the effect was similar to that of DHT.

Who is Andarine C4 suitable for?

Andarine C4 is mainly used by men, women also take Andarine C4, but my personal advice to you, the ladies who want to gain muscle mass faster, is to turn to Ostarin, as it is much more proven in its use by the fairer sex. .

In short Andarin:

S4 Andarine Side Effects

S4 Andarine does not result in prostate enlargement as steroidal enhancers do. However, clinical trials on humans did not push through.

Other researchers noted that S-4 Andarine’s side effects have a possibility to be dose-dependent. Observed were vision disturbances such as light sensitivity, night blindness, and yellowish vision. Symptoms gradually disappear upon discontinuing the compound.

S-4 Andarine, however, is suppressive. Depending on your level of suppression, you may either need to take a mini or full PCT to counteract suppression as well as side effects.

Researchers found that presence of sides and suppression occurs when there is abuse in the administration of S-4 Andarine.


Each batch of our biotech SARMs gets tested in a third-party analysis. The S-4 Andarine must past US lab standards of safety and authenticity. It’s legal to purchase our S-4 Andarine in the United States, European Union, as well as parts of Asia – provided that use of S-4 Andarine is for clinical and laboratory research only.

Compounds that you get from SelectSARMs are not to be mislabeled or misused as a pesticide or agricultural products, drug, additives, or household chemical. The law prohibits application and use of S-4 in humans and animals. You’re only allowed to use S-4 if you’re a qualified professional and researcher. S-4 Andarine is for research purposes only. Please be familiar and understand the laws fully in your area as well as legalities prior to purchasing S-4 Andarine.

When is a real effect felt in a cycle with SARM?

What is the effect of SARM, when will you start seeing the first results in the mirror?

Interestingly, many “Gurrota” and traders advise a long intake of SARMs for a better effect in terms of gaining muscle mass or burning fat…

The opinion on SARM based on user feedback is different

The results of SARMs can be noticed in the first 7 days… As you already know, SARMs are selective, they find their target and act quickly. Also basically, they are 3 times more anabolic than steroids.

Our opinion about the duration of 1 cycle is:

Short but effective – 4 Weeks

Satisfactory and permanent results from SARMs. This cycle is ideal for beginners who are taking SARM for the first time.

There should be a break of at least 2 weeks after this cycle. Rest is needed mainly to “unclog the receptors”

Optimal – 6 Weeks

Here you are chasing maximum effect with minimal side effects from SARM. This is the golden mean!

Suitable for beginners and advanced who want to upgrade results.

Rest after this cycle is a minimum of 3 weeks. After this cycle, recovery therapy with nutritional supplements can be done.

It also depends on the products you have chosen, for the strongest SARMs such as UK11, the therapy is mandatory.

Long – 8 Weeks

This cycle is for you if you are hypersensitive to SARMs. In other words, if your body has more androgen receptors, you will be able to take products like SARM for longer with satisfactory results.

If you do not have such a sensitive, it makes no sense to continue your cycle for more than 6 weeks.

After this long intake, recovery therapy is needed. It also depends on the products you choose, for the strongest SARMs such as UK11, post-cycle therapy is mandatory.

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