Rolex Lady Datejust: The Perfect Wristwatch For The Ladies

When it comes to lady watches, they should always be glamorous, luxurious, and stylish that would fit perfectly on any occasion and with what clothes you are wearing. Unfortunately, many brands of watches in the market would make it difficult for you to choose which particular brand you should invest your money with.

Before purchasing a specific watch, you should always consider its brand, its reputation on the market, and to many watch enthusiasts. One of the most trusted brands by the majority population of watch enthusiasts is Rolex. Rolex is well known to be one of the luxury brands of watches for men, but some have missed that they also have a series exclusively for the ladies.

The Rolex Datejust For The Ladies

The Rolex brand is one of the famous brands in the market that is usually used by CEOs, high-ranking officials, pilots, professional divers, racers, and most celebrities. It has been in the market for more than a decade, and all f the watches they have manufactured are at their best qualities in terms of technology and style.

Rolex is not exclusively for men. They also have the Lady Datejust series produced perfectly by the best watchmakers to satisfy a woman’s needs and wants regarding wristwatches. This luxury collection of watches has caught the eyes and hearts of many ladies who love to collect watches. Below are three of their newly released models that you must not miss.

The 279178-0009 Model

This model belongs to one of the newest released ones under the Lady Datejust that has a glamorous design and a luxury style that would fit perfectly for all the hard-working ladies of any age. The watch has a unique blue dial with diamond-filled hour markers in rectangular shape and two gold hand markers to indicate its hour and minutes.

Inside of its blue dial, there is a date window located on its 3 o’clock. The dial is surrounded by an 18ct yellow gold bezel placed on top of its yellow gold case with a diameter size of 28 mm with a solid back. The dial is protected with a sapphire crystal making it unbreakable and dust-proof.

This automatic watch has a caliber movement of Rolex 2236 with a power reserve feature of 55 hours. The bracelet and buckle of this watch are made with yellow gold material. This timepiece has a water-resistant part of 100 meters.

The 278381RBR-0006

The 278381RBR-0006 model is one of the new classy-styled watches under the Datejust series for the ladies. The watch has a sophisticated design that would go quickly with any casual or corporate wardrobe style. It has a chocolate dial with Arabic numerals, hour marker indexes with diamonds, and gold-tone hand markers.

Its chocolate dial has a Rolex logo on its noon and a date window on its 3 o’clock. The watch has a gold bezel decorated with diamonds. The bezel is placed on an Everose gold and stainless steel case with a diameter of 31 mm, and it is protected with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

It has a movement caliber of 2236 Rolex, and it is automatic already with a power-reserve feature of 55 hours. The bracelet of this model is made from Oystersteel material with a combination of 18 ct Everose gold. This timepiece has a water-resistant feature of 100 meters.

The 279383RBR-0005 model

This model is quite similar to the 278381RBR-0006 model with a way different design and style. This Model from Datejust has a luxury and classy design that perfectly fits any fashion statement. It also goes as a luxury pair of a timepiece at any age. It has a silver dial with Roman numerals hour markers and two simple hand markers in 18 ct yellow gold.

Inside of its dial is a date window feature located on its 3 o’clock. The dial is surrounded by a golden bezel decorated with delicate diamonds. The case of it is yellow gold and stainless steel material in 28 mm diameter size. It has a scratch-resistant sapphire protecting its dial with a cyclops lens over the date window.

This watch has a water-resistant feature of 100 meters, a movement caliber of 2236, and a power-reserve feature of 55 hours. Its bracelet is made of 18 ct yellow gold with a combination of Oystersteel.


The new Rolex Lady Datejust series is one of the best watches that would fit any personality type. Having one of their latest models in your collection is overwhelming because of its unique style and technology. You can get these models at a reasonable price when you visit WatchShopping online!


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