Real Estate Classes for Aspiring Agents: 6 Zoom Tips

Zoom has become a must-have for real estate agents who are still working during the coronavirus outbreak. However, for individuals who are new to using this platform, there may be some apprehension or discomfort with this vital technology.

  • Connect Zoom to Your Calendar

Zoom includes a number of integrations to enable integrating it with your usual business processes as simple as possible. Integrating zoom real estate classes with your calendar is one connection that you should certainly use.

  • Create a profile photo

When you have your camera turned off, zoom real estate allows you to upload a profile image to your account, which allows a picture of you to appear on people’s screens. When your computer is turned off, and you don’t upload a profile picture, simply your name and/or a boring icon will appear.

  • Change Your Security Options

You may have heard of “Zoom-bombing,” where hackers attend Zoom meetings without being invited. Zoom has increased its security options to prevent this from happening. You can create classes on zoom meeting room passwords (that will only be provided to those who have been invited to the meeting), a waiting room (where the admin will admit guests one by one), and/or lock the meeting once it has started and everyone who has been invited has arrived. Similar extra steps can help you avoid these unpleasant situations in the future.

  • Put on a Successful Outfit

Even if you are working from home, you should dress as if you were meeting with a client or business contact in person. This tiny action will vastly improve your level of professionalism. 

  • Make use of virtual backgrounds.

Using a virtual background is a terrific alternative if you don’t want people to peek inside your home office (or anywhere you’re conducting your real estate company these days). With a simple Google search (type in “Zoom background”) or by visiting numerous brand websites such as IKEA, and others, you may get a plethora of free backdrops.

  • Boost Your Appearance

There are a few things you can do to look your best on camera if you want to go the additional mile:

  • Set the camera to a straight-on angle (not significantly above or below your face).
  • Invest in a ring light 
  • In your Zoom Settings, select “touch up my appearance.

These are some of the major tips that aspiring real estate agents who are taking online classes on zoom could use during the class to experience a better learning sphere. 



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