Ready, Set, Publish: Your ECommerce Blog Post’s Pre-Publication Checklist

If you’re an eCommerce business owner, you know how important it is to have a successful blog. A great post can be the catalyst for driving more traffic and gaining more customers. But before your blog content goes live, some crucial steps will ensure your post is ready to shine.

To help you out, here are some key elements to consider when preparing your blog post for publication:

Maximize Visibility With ECommerce SEO

You want your target audience to discover your eCommerce blog easily, so it’s crucial to implement eCommerce SEO best practices in your posts. This can be achieved by working with an eCommerce SEO agency that specializes in content development. In addition to good content, you will want to make sure you include key post elements to include are strategic keywords, properly formatted header tags, optimized visuals with descriptive alt text, and meta descriptions that accurately summarize your content.

Blog Page Layout

This is also an important thing to keep in mind before you take your blog post to the world. Is there a specific post you want to feature? How would you like the posts to be laid out? Will you create different categories? Agencies offering eCommerce website design services can help layout your pages as is the industry standard.

Proofread and Edit

Make a habit of only letting a post go live after carefully combing through it for errors. Typos, misspellings, and incorrect grammar can distract and detract from your content’s quality. So take the time to proofread your post before hitting the publish button.

Once you’ve proofread your blog post, it’s time for a round (or two) of editing. Focus on making sure your content flows well and is easy to read. Remove unnecessary words or sentences and ensure everything is clear and concise.

Make Sure Your Content Is Original

In today’s online world, it’s easy to find inspiration for blog posts everywhere you look. But make sure the content you publish is original and not copied from another source. Not only is plagiarism unethical, but it could also lead to copyright issues down the road.

Include Visuals

Adding visuals like images, videos, and infographics can be a great way to break up long text and make your content more engaging. Including visuals can also improve SEO rankings. So it’s worth investing some time to find interesting images or videos to draw readers in and make your blog post stand out.

Add Links

Linking to other relevant websites, articles, and sources is a great way to strengthen your content and provide additional information for readers. It can also help with link building for SEO purposes. Just be sure the links you include are from reliable sources and add value to your content.

Include CTAs

Calls-to-action are a great way to encourage readers to take specific steps after reading your content. CTAs could include signing up for an email list, making a purchase, or downloading eBooks or whitepapers. Make sure your calls are clear, direct, and compelling to help improve conversions.

Think About Devices the Audience Reads Your Post On

Today’s readers often consume content on their phones or tablets. That means it’s important to ensure your blog post looks good and is easily read when viewed on various devices. Use mobile-friendly fonts, break up long paragraphs into smaller chunks, and include visuals throughout the post.

Make It Easy To Share Your Content

The final step to preparing your blog post for publication is making sure it’s easy to share. This includes adding social media sharing buttons, checking that the content looks good when shared on platforms, and optimizing titles and descriptions. You can ensure readers spread your message easily with a few simple steps.

Creating a successful blog post for your eCommerce business requires careful preparation and attention to detail. By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to crafting content that drives traffic, gains customers, and stands out from the crowd. So take the time to make your blog post shine and give your eCommerce business every opportunity to soar!