PDFBear is an online tool that allows users to easily add a watermark to PDF files. You can add your watermark to your PDF file in a variety of

PDFBear: Add Watermark to PDF Files For Free

The watermark, much like a stamp, is text or even an image that appears in front of or behind original document content. Users may use a specific phrase, such as “Confidential,” as a watermark on pages with private information. You can add multiple watermarks to one or more PDFs, but every watermark must be added separately. Users can specify which page or pages each watermark appears on.

Unless users want to add a watermark to their documents, they must be the creators or owners of the file document. This step can be used in business-related topics to inform the receivers of the flies about the origins of the flies. Watermarks typically include a logo design that is visible beneath the document.

Watermark Feature of PDFBear

To keep things more efficient, users can add watermark to PDF files using PDFBear. PDFBear is an online tool that allows users to easily add a watermark to PDF files. You can add your watermark to your PDF file in a variety of ways by choosing any location from nine options and typing certain words or phrases in a PDF file.

Users are free to modify or personalize their watermarks in PDF files. They can select an image or type text to function as their watermark. This tool includes a wide range of fonts in terms of size, theme, and style. They can now do whatever they want and expect a better result. The watermarks of the user will be incredibly clear. On each page of the watermark, the logo can be seen. They can choose how to customize the syntax and transparency of the file or document.

Process of Adding Watermark to PDF File

Before accessing the online platform, make sure that you are connected to a decent internet. Once you’re already connected, go to the website of PDFBear. Among the services provided on the main page, choose “Add Watermark”.  Then, click “Select a File” or drag and drop the PDF file from your device you wanted to attach a watermark to. Upon clicking it, the interface will move to the next step which is typing the watermark you want to attach and which position you will put it. After that, click “Add Watermark”.

Allow some time for the process to complete. When the adding of the watermark has been completed, you will be able to download the file to your device or copy the link and share it with other users as well as sending it via email. Users now can utilize or customize the file changes and save them on a device after they have finished modifying the watermark. They could also use Google Drive and Dropbox accounts to keep these platforms up to date. When they are finalized, the system will automatically delete all of their input information for the sake of their users’ security.

Other Features of PDFBear

Aside from the Watermark Feature, PDFBear can also provide a variety of conversion tools, such as PDF splitting, PDF merging, and PDF conversion. It is also compatible with any cloud-based tools that can be opened in any document or file that the users use. The best part about using a PDFBear tool is that it is free, and it will provide users with a quick result that will astound them because other online tools are so sluggish in processing any conversion tool. There are many things to do if you use this online tool, and it will make it easier for users to complete any given task.

This tool can provide a Pro subscription, but users can also seek the free edition for 14 days. Users may come across various websites that provide a method for incorporating a watermark into their PDFs. However, there are many risks online, and they must protect their files by using a trustworthy conversion tool. PDFBear is the most widely used and trustworthy online tool.

This platform will retain and encrypt SSL, and all recent files will be saved in a secure location within 60 minutes, after that, they will be automatically deleted. They will safeguard and protect each client’s privacy from any threats. The ability to sustain different features is paramount in this PDF tool. They could use it whether they are browsing on any platform or using any device they want.


Adding a watermark to a user’s PDF file can apply a data protection policy that keeps all files from viruses and hackers. Users can use numerous physical watermarks on university and government records. If they want to generate the PDF file, it will be classified as high information automatically. Users could now add a watermark as long as they function in a non-digital environment. There are multiple explanations why users should include watermarks in their PDF documents. Watermarking PDF files is a hassle-free tool because of PDFBear’s tool, which has updated technology and a method that makes all transactions easier for users. Users can complete their tasks by following simple steps and procedures.


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