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Having your own YouTube channel can offer a variety of means to generate an income. With persistence and consistency, you can grow your revenue. YouTube allows you to get an income in several ways. This includes ad views, featuring promotions, as well as YouTube Partner Program. I want you to learn more about common ways of earning and how to get started with them. Before that, it is good to know the financial potential of being a YouTuber.

How Much Can YouTuber Earn?

Between June 1, 2019, and June 1, 2020, the highest-earning YouTuber was 9-year-old Ryan Kaji. According to Forbes, the boy took home an estimation of almost $30M within one year. Ryan owns a channel with videos of DYI science experiments and toy reviews. By the end of June 1, 2020, he had 41.7 M subscribers and 12.2B views in his videos.

Another one is Mr. Beast also known as Jimmy Donaldson. He was ranked as the second-highest earner with 47.8M subscribers and 3B views. Mr. Beast was able to earn not less than $24M within one year. He is commonly known for making his audience laugh by the production of funny stunts.

The two mentioned YouTube heroes represent a slim minority in the arena. There are many more well-performing channels in which you can get income on this Google platform. YouTube can bring you income through the viewing of ads, the YouTube Partner program among many means. It is highly advisable to be aware of all means before you get into any. This will help you to increase earnings.

How to Choose a Niche

When you decide to monetize your channel, it is good to know that there are niches with more profit than others. One of the most productive YouTube topics at the moment is gaming. Others include motivation talks, prank content, achievements compilations, items unboxings, how-to, and tutorials. Not forgetting gossip news, wildlife videos, compilations of trendy things, foods topics, and kitchen activities among many more.

When aiming for a good earning niche, be aware that many of them are flooded with content. And therefore, you should go for an option that does not have a lot of particular content. Like in the field of gaming, you should avoid building your channel around Fortnite or Minecraft. These two among other arenas are topics of common channels

How to get an Income through Viewing of Ads?

Ads payment depends on either cost per thousand views(CPM) or cost per click(CPC). In CPM, a viewer must watch at least 30 seconds of the Ad or half of it on a, particularly short video. In CPC, the viewer must click on the ad. Skipped ads do not get any payment. You may opt to open an AdSense account as soon as you start your channel. Your balance must reach $100 to get a payout. This could take time if you are just a beginner.

A YouTuber receives 68% of Ad sales revenue from Google. If an advertiser pays $100 to Google, the YouTuber will get $68. Assuming 15% of viewers watch enough of the Ad to receive payment. A video with 1000 views will likely get about 150 Ad views. Based on this estimation, you can expect to make about $18 in every 1000 Ad views. This amounts to approximately $3 to $5 per 1000 video views.

Earning Through YouTube Partner Program

One of the most common means of making an income from YouTube channels is via Ad views. You can have additional money-making chances with YouTube Partner Program(YPP). Channel eligibility for YouTube Partner Program is met with the following criteria:

  • Be with more than 1,000 subscribers
  • Have more than 4,000 valid public watch hours over the last year. In this case, deleted videos don’t count
  • Adherence to YouTube’s monetization policies
  • Being based in a region where the YPP is available
  • Be with a linked AdSense account

A channel must meet this threshold to be reviewed in the YouTube Partner Program. Your channel can gain approval for a program, by being able to meet YouTube’s additional policies and guidelines. Your channel may be removed from the partner program if it is inactive for six months. Another reason for removal from the partner program is failing to meet the threshold requirements. If you have YPP, you can start making money from a variety of different features.

YPP allows you to earn in the following forms:

  • Income from advertising
  • Videos viewed by YouTube Premium subscribers
  • Being a channel member.
  • Payment from fans to have their messages featured with Super Chat and Super Stickers
  • Merch shelf sales of branded items.

Earning Through Promotions

Youtube Paid promotions like item placements, sponsorships, and endorsements, also can be an effective way to generate income. You can secure promotions by reaching out to brands with a proposal. Also if you are well recognized in your field, companies may approach you for promotions negotiation.

Other ways to get income through YouTube content include:

  • Selling of products or services. It is an ideal marketing location. Can give you potential customers.
  • The In-Person Events live recordings, tour appearances as well as attending conventions. You can also sell branded merch
  • Direct Support from your fan base like crowdfunding.


You can grow your YouTube channel by finding and taking advantage of the income growth chances that fit your channel’s purpose, niche, and financial goals. This happens only by embracing continued dedication and patience.

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