Oris Aquis Watches: 5 Dependable Diving Watches That You Will Find Today

To express oneself and seem beautiful, many people have individual stylistic preferences. One of the few pieces of jewelry that may bring out the finest in people of any gender or skin tone is a wristwatch.

Today, there are several growing producers, each with its design. In any scenario, selecting the most spectacular and pricey watch will be difficult. The best 7 Oris Aquis watches that can pique your curiosity are listed below.

Aquis Regulateur Der Meistertaucher Automatic Black Dial Men’s Watch 01 749 7734 7154-Set

Oris has a thing for stylish and robust timepieces, as seen by the majority of their watches. Oris Aquis Regulateur Der Meistertaucher 74977347154SET is another stunning creation. 

The white, yellow, grey and red hues on the black dial provide an energizing effect. The time markers on the dial are simple white digits, and the bezel is bordered with red and white marks. This timepiece’s main feature is the crimson band, which gives it a unique look.

Aquis Date Automatic Black Dial Men’s Watch 01 733 7730 4134-07 4 24 64EB

This Oris’ Aquis model comes with a durable black rubber strap that is 24mm in width for simple and comfortable use. There’s also a black dial in the center with silver-tone hands and markings, as well as minute markings around the outside ring. 


A black ceramic bezel, which can only spin in one direction, completes the look. As a result, this watch will complement any of your outfits.

Aquis Date Automatic Green Dial Men’s Watch 01 733 7730 4157-07 8 24 05PEB

The Oris gents’ true statement of class and elegance, from the Aquis date Collection, is an outstanding timepiece par excellence. It features a sapphire crystal to prevent it from scratches and is made of stainless steel. The Arabic numerals engraved green bezel gives this timepiece a fashionable look. 


To complete the style, the case is complemented with a stainless steel band. The watch has a green dial with index hour markers and a date display at 6 o’clock. This stunning piece is waterproof up to 300 meters and is driven by an automatic movement for excellent accuracy.

Aquis Date Automatic Green Dial Men’s Watch 01 733 7730 4157-07 4 24 64EB

This timepiece is a beautiful convergence of beauty and comfort, and it is a magnificent symbol from the Oris Aquis Date series. It sports a stainless steel circular case with a green ceramic top ring and a unidirectional stainless steel bezel. The beautiful casing is complemented by a black rubber strap that adds elegance to your wrist. 


The green dial also has luminous index hour markers and hands, as well as a date display at 3 o’clock. This flawless beauty is water-resistant to 300 meters and has an automatic movement for high-end performance.

Aquis Big Day Date Automatic Blue Dial Men’s Watch 01 752 7733 4135-07 8 24 05PEB

This Oris men’s watch from the Oris Aquis series is a classic timepiece with superb craftsmanship capable of catching everyone’s attention. It has a circular stainless steel casing with a fantastic black bezel that gives this watch a stylish appearance. 


The stainless steel band guarantees a comfortable fit. Bright index hour markers and a date display at 3 o’clock adorn the appealing blue dial. Furthermore, this stunning watch is water-resistant to 500 meters and has an automatic movement for dependable performance.

Aquis Depth Guage Black Dial Yellow Rubber Men’s Watch 01 733 7675 4754-SET RS

The Aquis Depth Gauge is original and distinctive wear that mixes vibrant yellowish color with understated black for a plain and current fashion style. The watch is designed for divers and has all of the characteristics and appearance of a sports watch. 


The intricate black bezel retains the dial in place and is encased with stainless steel. For exceptional reading in low-light circumstances beneath the water, all hands and markers are filled with luminescence. 


The dial is encased in deep black with bright yellow minute markings on the outside ring to create a versatile design. A sapphire crystal guards the whole thing. The yellow rubber strap is a hidden gem that adds a splash of color to any outfit!


Their geometric and straightforward designs have also gained attention. Therefore, wearing an Oris Aquis watch is akin to wearing a piece of art created for a specific purpose. It has also had a long history of producing wholesale brand watches. Regardless of your age or century, Oris Aquis is always an excellent pick. This label epitomizes classic elegance.



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