Online Summer Coding Camp Makes Learning Employable Skills Fun

Usually, most parents want their children to learn the skills and behaviours that prepare them for the workforce, while kids are mainly looking to have a good time. As the pandemic enters year three, these desires have blended and merged.

Now, young people want to ensure they acquire the right skills and don’t get left behind, while parents worry that kids have lost vital years of their youth. Thankfully, activities like online coding camps give children the STEM skills employers look for, and they’re designed to prioritize fun above everything!

As springtime runs its course, let’s check out what the best summer coding camps have in common, so parents know where to enroll.

Video Games at the Heart

Parents who have seen their children get addicted to video games may have said to themselves, “I wish they were that motivated to learn.” The leading coding camp in Toronto makes this happen by putting video games at the heart of the instructions in two ways.

First, children use real coding languages to design and program a video game they can play with friends and family. Having such a tangible and enticing goal is an incredible motivation and gives them a rewarding sense of accomplishment.

Plus, the best programming boot camps use gamification concepts in their lessons, harnessing what makes games captivating for learning instead of just play.

Professional Coding Languages

Learning any coding language will sharpen your STEM skills, but not all coding languages are equally useful. Some are more powerful or popular than others, and it’s crucial to learn the ones professionals use everyday in the field.

Look for a program that teaches children how to use coding languages, such as:

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • C++

Some kids coding courses use drag-and-drop beginner programs, like Scratch, which might give young children a sense of what coding is like but won’t impart any transferrable skills. Even kids as young as seven are ready to learn Python.

Small Groups

No student should have to fight with classmates for their teacher’s attention, even in online sessions. The best summer coding courses have a maximum of four students per class, and the sessions will run even if your child is the only student enrolled.

Parents need predictability in scheduling, while kids need teachers’ full focus and concentration. It’s even better when the coding program hires teachers who skew on the young side, who also grew up playing video games.

Kids can tell when a teacher is genuinely passionate about their subject. Teachers who love video games are ideal coding instructors because they pass on their love and expert knowledge to the next generation.

Plus, young teachers tend to have more recent and relevant experience navigating the job market. Kids have an excellent, practical resource if they have questions about their potential future as a coder or in any of the many jobs people with STEM skills typically pursue.

Parents don’t need to choose between pleasure and employable skills when signing up their child for summer programming courses. So long as they choose a program that meets all the criteria described above, kids can enjoy the best of both worlds this summer.