Online Conference Related to CRO, Prepared in 1 Month That Gathered More Than 6000 Attendees

Online Conference Related to CRO, Prepared in 1 Month That Gathered More Than 6000 Attendees

At present, online meetings have become a usual thing. Let’s say, you envision one that stands out and boosts the performance indicator dramatically. Now sure how to do that? Here’s the answer!  

Getting to know each other 

Before jumping into the main topic, let’s get acquainted. SendPulse along with 13Chats integration strives for communication automation in marketing. Educational sessions have never been a rare event on the account. 


To celebrate the launch of a new product, it was decided to make a free conference, which later on attracted 3 times more participants than was planned. 

Phase of preparation

Over the past year, the conferences provided by the company were attended at the very least by 400 people. The maximum number reached was 905 attendees. So what was done differently this time so that the conference turned out to be such a success? 

Non-trivial topic

While the most discussed issue is initial sales, on this occasion the focus was on repeat purchases as a sign of brand loyalty. If the first acquisition can be a solitary case, the returning of the buyer, again and again, is already a new level. 

Additional materials 

A few practicing speakers were interviewed at the groundwork stage. Besides, some useful long-reads were sent to participants via e-mails and smart widgets

Multichannel subscription option

As preferences in communication platforms vary from person to person, a choice between e-mail and Telegram for registration was offered. If a participant settles on one’s most frequently used channel, the chances of getting to the conference increase significantly. 

Online chat on the website 

The functioning of the online chat on the website helped 15% of participants with registration, which significantly increased the conversion.

Multichannel thank-you-page subscription 

After executing the email subscription, participants got an additional offer to subscribe using one of the messengers of their choice. Consequently, this created a wide reach for those, who don’t usually monitor their inbox and resulted in 70% of additional subscriptions in two channels at once.

Phone number request

Participants were asked to provide their phone numbers while following out the registration form. On the event day, they got a reminder with a link to the streaming. After the SMS, there was an instant and significant increase in viewers.

Pre-created YouTube live stream 

Before the main part, the stream with a detailed description of the event had been already available. So the guests could pre-subscribe to the broadcast and receive a notification about the start of the conference.

Warming up webinar 

Before the actual conference took place, a webinar on a related topic had been conducted. The majority of the present found their way to the event in 4 days. 

Practicing speakers 

Speakers from different niches delivered talks at the event, that complemented the main topic. 

Variety of advertising formats 

Targeted advertising yields the best results. Paid ads on such platforms as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube resulted in 68% of registrations. Announcements on internal databases, in turn, brought on 32%. 

Warming up posts on Instagram 

During the preparation period, a series of posts about loyalty, retention, and repeat sales were published on Insta feed. They covered the maximum potential target audience and led to more touching points.

A full-fledged mini-studio in the office 

For the webinar, a special background banner with the logos of the organizing companies was used. With the help of professional equipment, the sound and video were delivered on a more efficient level. All in all, the quality of the live stream influenced the outcome of the conference.

Presentation video between reports 

To acquaint the audience with 13Chats, a short video describing the possibilities of the new service was included in the breaks between the reports.

Phase of implementation 

The webinar began exactly at 10 am (Kyiv time). Despite the fact, that only about 300 participants joined in the beginning, at the 13th minute of the stream the number of viewers began to grow. 

At the beginning of the first part, the live stream was watched by 6000 people! It turned out, that Youtube promoted the webinar vastly. 

The lion’s share of the whole audience saw the stream in the top, joined, got interested, and stayed. The key point was the quality of the content. 

Another trick that has helped in retaining viewers is issuing certificates afterward via a link in the live chat. Some people remained until the end to get the desired certificate for their resume.

Final thought

In summary, free online webinars are a great way to communicate your product to a large audience and attract customers as well as new business partners. 

Investing time in the organization and holding such events is definitely worth it, as it fully pays off. 


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