Olympiad exams

Olympiad exams are prestigious exams conducted by various bodies to test the aptitude and reasoning of the students. Students from classes 1 to 12 can participate throughout the olympiad to challenge their understanding. Olympiad examinations are prestigious examination conducted at various levels that aims at developing a competitive mindset and preparing for future endeavours. It also enables the students to test their knowledge and broaden their horizons. Thus, it will help in a significant boost in the academics of the students.

There are two primary bodies conducting olympiads- SOF and HBCSE/IAPT. The latter is meant for students from class 8 onwards while the former is for any student studying in class 1 to 12.

SOF Olympiads are held annually. They conduct a wide variety of Olympiads that includes IMO, NCO, NSO, ISSO, etc.

Today, we are going through all the prerequisites that a student of class 6 requires to appear for SOF IMO.

1) Pattern of the Examination –

IMO stands for International Mathematics Olympiad. IMO is held at 2 levels. The 1st level is held in the respective school during school hours. It is a 60 mins examination comprising 50 MCQs. The questions are based on Logical Reasoning, Mathematical Reasoning, and Everyday Mathematics. Level 1 adheres to the syllabus of class 6 from both boards – CBSE and ICSE/ISC. This culmination of the syllabus from different boards encourages students to refer to books having different curriculum and hence gives a broader view of the subject. After the completion of level 1, students who secure a rank in the school, zonal, national, and international level are awarded medals and gifts. After which the level 2 is held which is similar to level 1 but the questions are made more advanced. Even if you are promoted to the next class during this period still the syllabus will be of class 6.

2) Eligibility – For level 1, any student belonging to a registered school is eligible to appear for the exam. If the school is not registered, then students can mail the SOF authority about their eagerness to participate in the examination. The SOF committee will then approach your school to register for the examination.

3) Benefits of Olympiad – Olympiad exams are prestigious exams that are conducted to demonstrate your academic proficiency. Securing a good rank in the olympiad provides you with a certification that states that you have a really good understanding of the concepts. At this point, the students might not understand the values of certification but as they gradually grow up they tend to realize the importance of certificates. Certification in the Olympiad examination makes your path to the dream university easier. Many admissions in India as well as abroad consider the certificates in Olympiads. A certificate in such an examination allows the student to stand out from other students. Thus, increasing your chances of admission. Apart from this, the SOF committee publishes a performance report after the declaration of results which gives a detailed description to the student about his/ her performance at different levels. This gives a brief idea to the student about their strength and weakness. At such standard, if a student gets a holistic academic report the student would be able to develop a strong foundation for further classes. Apart from this, the students who secure excellent ranks are awarded lots of gifts, medals, and trophies.

4) Syllabus and study material – The SOF Olympiads are based on the syllabus prescribed by the CBSE and ICSE board. If a student has a thorough understanding of the subject, one can easily secure a good rank in the examination. Go through the IMO Class 6 2012 Question Paper and find out more about the pattern of the question paper. So the first piece of advice is to study the books prescribed in the curriculum religiously. Apart from this students should also refer to books from other boards like ICSE. This will give breadth to your knowledge. The organization also publishes a few books for IMO that are MCQ-based. The books are really helpful for the students as they can familiarise themselves with MCQs as well as with the exam pattern. Also, as the students would encounter questions that would be out of their curriculum so the students will get to learn new topics. If they can solve most of the questions, then the confidence would drastically increase and will encourage the student to pay more time o academics.

5) Tips to crack IMO – A student should always be visionary. They should aim at the beginning of their classes of appearing in such examination as it would give them a headstart. Students should complete their syllabus beforehand. Don’t pressurize yourself to complete the syllabus. It should be driven by your curiosity to learn more and more. Students are advised to learn the methods of solving the questions in the mathematics book. They should further question themself on how they are solving each step of the math problem. For every statement try to put a reason on the same line. You should always approach your teachers when you encounter a doubt. If you find an approach difficult refer to your teacher and try to grasp the points where you encounter difficulty as well as ask your teacher for alternative methods which may be handy. Apart from this, students should practice Multiple choice questions. Initially, they should practice without any timelimit. While solving write every step. After a few weeks, start with time-based practice. Devote an hour of your study time for practising Olympiad questions. After practising a variety of questions, students are recommended to go for previous years’ questions. Previous year’s questions are a rich source for question format. Practising them will automatically land you up with a good rank. You will find many similar types of problems. This would be more than sufficient for securing an excellent rank at the international level.

Olympiads are meant to increase your academic strength. One should always prepare for this examination but if any student finds it hectic, they should not be pressurized. Learn to enjoy the process of learning and instil your curiosity, only then you would be able to grab the maximum benefit from these examinations.


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