Need a New Style Statement? Then, Get the Classic American Tuscany Straw Fedora Hats!

Need a New Style Statement? Then, Get the Classic American Tuscany Straw Fedora Hats!

Fashion is not a word. It’s an attitude of life. The world that we live in is about outer beauty as it is about the beauty on the inside. Even the most common phrase that we hear these days before starting anything new is “the first impression is the last impression!”. And let’s face it, the way you dress and carry yourself is your first statement about your personality.

Like for men, the suits are incomplete without the formal shoes, and for women, their dresses are incomplete without the right handbags. But when it comes to something that makes your look perfect, it’s your hat. And a Fedora Hat is the best way to do it, which you can carry with just about any outfit/look and stand out amidst the crowd with your style statement. So, the next time you feel like your style is a little bland, spice it up with a hat.

In the world of hats, it won’t be wrong to say that Fedora hats are amongst the most popular. However, the most recognized are the straw fedora hats. These hats are crafted via straw or straw-like materials, either natural (sisal, Milan, seagrass, etc.) or artificial (paper braid, etc.).

These hats crafted with straw are stylish and useful, as they help keep your head cool on hot sunny days. It is available in many designs- with wide brims, narrow brims, pinched crown, luxuriously decorated, and simple straw bands. In addition, they are lighter and durable than most other hats. And tend to have an extremely detailed and textured pattern of woven straws complimenting just about any outfit and are perfect for most activities.

Class your look with The American Straw Fedora hats:

The American straw Fedora hat for women is perfect for any hot summer day activity. From a fun day on the fourth of July to a relaxing evening at a beach, this hat is ideal for summers and is a must in your closet.

It is widely compared with Panama hat, and even though they appear to be quite similar, there is a difference in their material. The fedoras are felt hats, a material made by matted and compressed fibers easily derived from sources like cashmere, wool, rabbit, etc.

Check out the full selection of American straw fedora hats and find the perfect fedora at American Hat Company for your summertime adventure. There are several styles that are a staple in both vintage and modern fashion, and its adaptability makes it easy to dress accordingly. It consists of iconic hat brands like Gigi Pip, Ashbury, and Freedom.

There is a wide range of colors and styles of Fedoras. The narrow-brimmed pinch front hats to the hats with bands available in ample materials, including grosgrain ribbon, puree cloth bands, and even leather.

Design that suits your style:

The usual crown for fedoras is about 4-6” in height with a soft brim 2-4” wide and can have soft or blunt edges. The crown is mostly “pinched” on both sides and seems to form an intersection on the top but can have different shapes. It can be decorated with some fabric, ribbon, feathers, etc.

Go with a Fedora or don’t go at all!

In the past, a hat was an indication of social status for both men and women. You sure will have to experiment with Fedora at first just to know what goes with your physique and style, and then you’ve got yourself a whole new look.

Although, when we talk about fashion, we think majorly of clothes that we wear, what about your head? How do you adorn your head? Of course, besides the basics, HAT is your accessory. Unfortunately, though, it is well observed that hats do not get as much love as other accessories like handbags, earrings, shoes, etc. Therefore, hats do not get enough credit, but your hat makes you perfect, i.e., tip-top.

Ever the classic, the Fedora Hats have always been the symbol of class in American society. Even before all this hype about fashion and clothes, no man or woman of status and class would ever leave their home without their hat. Fedora Hats are not any particular hat but are a set of factors that makes up hundreds of hats with a variation on their styles. History has shown us the ever-increasing appeal of the Fedora hats.


American Fedora hats are available in several colors and designs to complement all your outfits, as you can carry them with jeans, tank tops, leather jackets, suits, dresses, etc. Hence, giving you a boost of confidence to stand out in public. These hats are unisex. Therefore, both men and women can amp up their style. They can provide you with a sophisticated, elegant, and vibrant look or can give you a casual, relaxed, and laid-back style, depending on your clothing and choice of fedora.


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