Mens Shalwar Kameez Designs

Men’s Shalwar Kameez Designs & Ideas 2021

The men’s shalwar kameez is an iconic garment steeped in tradition and history.  At the same time, like many classic garments, it can be updated with the times.  With that in mind, here are some of the best men’s shalwar kameez designs and ideas for 2021.

Natural fabrics are still preferred

Cotton and silk remain the preferred choices for the men’s shalwar kameez.  Linen is also quite popular.  The issue with linen is that it creases very easily.  Some people do actually like this.  You may appreciate the “lived-in look”.  Alternatively, you may be prepared to make the effort to keep it crease-free.  If neither of those applies, cotton and silk are better choices.

You may be able to find the occasional shalwar kameez men with some percentage of artificial fabrics.  These can make for easier care but it’s usually at the expense of breathability.  Also, it’s usually difficult, if not impossible, to recycle these blends.

Darker colors are very popular

This is a standard change whenever spring/summer moves into fall/winter.  All the signs are that 2021 is following the pattern.  Black is a recurring favorite for fall/winter, for 2021 grays and blues are also getting a strong showing especially in their darker versions.  Other colors are definitely present, notably in bright, rich jewel tones.

If, however, you want or need white men’s shalwar kameez, then there are still plenty of options for you.  Likewise, you’ll also find men’s shalwar kameez in lighter colors.  These definitely aren’t the mainstay of the fall/winter options but they are there.  What’s more, you shouldn’t need to look too hard to find them.

Longer lengths make a return

This is another standard change between spring/summer and fall/winter.  The knee-length kameez is still the main option.  Arm lengths, however, are largely trending towards wrist-length rather than elbow-length.

There are some variations on this theme.  For example, some men’s shalwar kameez have arms that stop just above the wrist.  This can be useful if you regularly wear a watch.  Some are making a feature of the cuffs.  There is a trend towards giving them a more fitted, even tailored, look similar to a dress shirt.

The tailored look is very on-trend

One of the big global trends for fall/winter 2021 is the resurgence of tailoring.  This is being seen in the men’s shalwar kameez being created for this season.  It’s by no means universal.  If you prefer a looser, more free-flowing style you’ll still have plenty of men’s shalwar kameez to choose from.  It is, however, noticeable and might be worth trying.

If you only want to give a nod to this trend, you might want to opt for a men’s shalwar kameez with a structured collar and cuffs.  This gives a more formal, urban, look while keeping firmly grounded in the traditional style.

If, however, you’re happy to go a bit further, you can find men’s shalwar kameez which are clearly influenced by tailored suits.  They may not be ideal for everyday wear, although that depends on your lifestyle.  They can, however, be perfect for more formal occasions.

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