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Market Research: Why Is It Important for Businesses?

Market research is the action of gathering data or information, analysing and interpreting them to solve various marketing challenges, and it is beneficial for a business in different ways. With it, you can determine the feasibility of a new product launch before devoting your entire time and budget to your new venture. And, you can develop an appropriate marketing strategy after understanding the needs and requirements of your target audience. So, if you want better results, you can entirely rely on a marketing research agency


Remember, market research should always be treated as an ongoing activity. This is because, since the environment changes constantly, it is crucial to continue research and understand the significant factors in your marketing plans. In a nutshell, the key to making great business decisions is market research, so look no further and glance through this article to understand all about it and its advantages.

Types of Market Research

The two central types of research are primary and secondary research. Primary research is referred to as field research, and with it, you can gather new data that has not been collected previously. Secondary research is often referred to as desk research, while with it, the gathered data such as reports, government-funded studies, textbooks, historical records, and statistical databases are already compiled and organised. For both the research methods, there are two types of data collection methodologies, namely:

Quantitative research: Quantitative research is a methodology that focuses on quantifiable data or numerical data. Surveys, polls and questionnaires are the various research methods used in this.

Qualitative research: Qualitative research is a methodology that focuses on collecting, analysing and interpreting non-numerical data like language. The research methods include focus groups, in-depth interviews and Ethnographic research. In Ethnographic research, the researchers observe or interact within groups, teams, organisations and communities.

How Is Market Research Conducted?

Before you begin to research, you must set out clear goals and objectives and identify the target audience and market size. Moreover, for accurate results, the respondents in the research sample must reflect the larger target audience. Also, depending upon your objectives, you must choose the methodologies that are appropriate for your market research. 

You can start creating questionnaires, which include open-ended questions so that respondents can talk freely about specific topics. And once the data is gathered, you can employ your analytical skills and decode the research findings. You can also examine the findings according to the macro environment.

What Are the Advantages of Market Research?

Below listed are the various advantages of market research for your new business or new product.

  • Helps Create a Better Image

Word of mouth is a better method of advertising. Hence, if you want your customers to talk about your product, they must be pleased. You can create a better image for customers when your products are first-rate, and market research helps you achieve this.

  • Measures Brand Reputation

Market research is the best way to improve your brand reputation, as it also allows you to rebrand your product or business to your customers. For instance, if your brand caters to only a specific group of people, you can rebrand to expand your target market despite individuals’ social status, age and so on. And generally, startups require more time to build their reputation. Hence, market research is essential for your business to look approachable and helpful.

  • Improves Sales

If you want your business to grow immensely, you must improve your product or service with thorough market research. And when you provide subpar services, you will not be able to tap the loyalty of the customers. The customers’ needs and inclinations are displayed in the market research reports, making it easier to make them develop an interest in your business or product.

Market research without a good research agency is a recipe for disaster. So, you can always count on an agency to plan and develop a new product or your new business. Nevertheless, when you understand the needs and wants of the customers, your business will undoubtedly be at the expansion stage.

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