A respirator fitness test is the respiration test taken when the face mask is used for the first time. It is a test between the face mask and the face. This test helps one to know if the person has the correct level of oxygen rating or not. The test must be taken yearly once to know if the oxygen levels are normal or not. It is a 15-20 min test that gives out the results after the monitor shows the breathing fluctuations.
This test indicates the psychological conditions of the breath such as hypercapnia, hypoxia, respiratory acidosis and metabolic.
There are a few centres in every country to take this test. One of the best centre in Sydney is Respirator Fitness Testing Centre.


Apart from using a mask to save oneself from dust and viruses, it is mandatory to take the fittest with a piece of perfect equipment and in centres. This test will help one choose an adequate face mask that can fit between the facepiece and the face.
The respiratory Fitness Test in Sydney provides this test most accurately to the public. They use the portacount respirator fit tester that does not allow for any guesswork and shows the accurate readings correctly. They follow only the qualitative methods to draw the measurement readings. The centre provides the face masks once the test is done. After the test is completed, the person is issued with an identity card that includes the person’s name, ID card number, the date of the test was taken and the next due date of the test. It also says about all the fit factors. Based on the results, they provide the mask. If the fit factor is 100, it means the person requires a half-face mask. If the fit factor is 500, then the person requires the full face mask.

The fitness centre also provides environmental services without any compromises on quality. They follow strict regulation and legislation in conducting the services. They take the tests only with specialised equipment and, the tests are conducted in NATA accredited laboratories.

The equipment that the centre uses includes the following material:
PID screens
bio pump for air sampling
general tools and equipment
light vehicles for servicing NSW
Moisture meters
Universal pumps
multiple 4WD’s


To the people who are ill, it is mandatory to have a count on their respiration. Respiration count will let people know how one’s body is performing and what are all the changes the body is going through. Respiration test will let know people if the patient’s health is getting worse than before or is getting better compared to the before tests.


There are mainly two types of respirator tests:
Qualitative test
Quantitative test


This type is a type of pass or failure method used for half masks that says about the person’s senses- (taste and smell). It is used when the fit factor is 100 or less than 100. They use a bitter chemical to take this test which is harmless to the body. There is another chemical called Saccharine that gives a sweet taste to one’s mouth. This chemical is offered to those people who can not detect the bitter taste.


This test is taken when there is leakage into any tight parts of the face. Here, the test is not related to the taste or smell but is conducted using a test machine to draw the readings. There are three types of quantitative tests:
Ambient aerosol
Controlled negative pressure
General aerosol

Following both the quantitative and qualitative methods, the respiratory fitness test in Sydney provides the best testing and accurate results to the people.

Published By Pranesh Balaji


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