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How will vaccination affect the gambling industry?

The coronavirus pandemic swept the world unexpectedly, forcing many countries to take emergency measures, cancel events and close borders with other countries. A year later, the disease no longer seems so dangerous thanks to vaccines, which produce antibodies that allow the body to cope with the virus. Now the world is coming to life, borders are opening, air links are opening, and institutions can be visited in the company of friends. The year 2021 saw Euro 2020 with fans in the stands, and once again mass events are allowed. But one way or another, the new virus has made certain adjustments to life that have to be reckoned with.

As far as gambling is concerned, the vaccination will definitely have an impact on land-based visitors. Already now it can be seen, how many establishments do not allow visitors without certain QR codes, at the entrances there are sensors of temperature measurements, which signal about the exceeding of the normal values. For online game lovers, no change is expected, the same bingo not on gamstop is available to everyone without restrictions.

If you love to gamble, but you’re afraid to visit a land-based casino because of the coronavirus and haven’t had the vaccination, we recommend you check out It’s a virtual institution with slot machines, poker tables and Live Casino, where you can play for free and without registration. New players are offered a welcome bonus, while regular customers get access to VIP services. The slot machines are run in demo mode.

Impact on offline business

Land-based casinos are already opening for visitors, but the administration is in no hurry to let in absolutely everyone. Preference is given to those who have already been vaccinated against the virus. As proof, visitors must present a passport confirming that you have been vaccinated. There are also special scanners at the entrances of some casinos that take people’s temperature. If everything is in order, you can go through. In case of abnormalities, the administration may ask you to leave the establishment.

There are some countries which don’t yet allow tourists into their country. The reason for this may be too high an incidence of disease and low vaccination rates. In the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), vaccination against coronavirus is perceived with scepticism; many people are reluctant or afraid to get vaccinated. This scepticism is most likely due to the government’s failed publicity campaign. Fortunately, in Europe, vaccination is well underway and gambling and tourism will soon be back in full swing.

Impact on online business

Virtual casinos are not affected by vaccinations or pandemics. Players have been betting online and continue to do so. Every day more and more platforms are opening up offering better conditions than in land-based venues. The main advantage of online casinos is their accessibility, users do not need to go to special areas to play slot machines or poker. Everything is online, just choose a safe establishment with lots of games, fund your account and play at your pleasure.

You can play more than just slot machines on the internet. For betting enthusiasts, there are betting shops with predictions on all popular sports, bingo, scratch cards, poker tables and much more. Everyone will find entertainment to suit themselves. To play for money, you will need to register on the website. To do so, you need to enter your personal details and confirm that you are over 18 years old. As with land-based establishments, only adults are allowed to play at online casinos.

Live casinos continue to gain popularity, especially during the pandemic when many people have moved to remote work. Playing with a live dealer allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a real casino. You place your bet by selecting your slot machine settings, all results are displayed on camera from multiple angles so that players have no doubts about the fairness of the gameplay.

What happens after the vaccination

Many experts point out that the coronavirus will not go away. The inhabitants of the planet will have to get along with a new and dangerous virus capable of infecting most of the inhabitants in a matter of weeks. Vaccination will have to be done once in 1-2 years to keep the number of antibodies in the body at the proper level. Restrictions in the form of QR codes and passports will be abolished, but in their place may come other innovations that will spoil the experience of gambling in land-based venues. Casino gaming should be memorable and vibrant, not when there is hardly anyone around because of the safe distance.

The offline business is already experiencing some changes, with the number of people in casinos being limited. Visitors sit at a safe distance from each other. To get inside, you have to show your passport or a certificate that you have been vaccinated. On the other hand, we are experiencing a boom in online casinos, which are gaining popularity due to restrictive measures. The number of players in virtual halls is increasing markedly and vaccination will have no effect on this.


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