How to use Pirate Proxy Websites?

Intro: The Internet has become an invaluable resource for communication and information gathering, but it can be difficult, if not impossible, for some people living under oppressive regimes to access the web freely. Some entire families have been disconnected from the rest of society because they lack appropriate Internet connections or service providers within their area. For these unfortunate people, a pirate proxy is helpful as they live in countries where certain private proxies and services are not accessible due to government regulations. Pirate Proxy websites allow access to sites that are blocked or restricted in their country.

  • What is a Pirate Proxy Website?

A Pirate Proxy website is a pirate bay mirror that allows the user to access a blocked site in their country by either displaying the original content of that site or providing modified versions.

  • Using other servers: Pirate proxies get around restrictions and limitations by rerouting a user’s connection through servers outside the country, allowing them to access content without any issues. Pirate Proxy websites are web pages that act as intermediaries between the user’s computer and other pirate websites. When users connect to them, they can freely browse torrents, music, video streaming, etc.
  • Choose from the list of proxies: The only difference is that the IP addresses of the servers change every few minutes at random, so your online activities cannot be tracked by your internet provider. The pirate proxy website provides a list of servers to connect to and changes them every few minutes preventing tracking by ISP of your activity. When users connect these servers, the Pirate proxy website acts as a buffer between you and the torrent sites, providing you access from any suitable server of your choice at that particular time.
  • How Do They Work?

A proxy server is a computer connected to the Internet that facilitates communication between two computers using different protocols. The proxy server will either serve as an intermediary between the user’s computer and a website or act as an interface to services on another machine.

  • The services offered by proxy sites fall into four main categories: privacy, anonymous surfing, data compression, and cached or web page translation (translates to different languages). Many websites offer free proxy server lists. The only problem with these is knowing if the list is up-to-date. Proxy websites come and go; however, new ones are constantly popping up. Here is how to find them: use Google (or your favorite search engine) and type in ‘proxy site.’ Another option is to do a web search on the words proxy anonymizer or unblock proxy.
  • How to use a pirate proxy website?

It might be the first time you have ever heard about proxy sites for some of you. In essence, these are websites that allow access to specific blocked sites by redirecting traffic from your computer. It means that proxy sites hide your IP addressand work just like any other website until this server filters all traffic for you, directing it to the torrent site of your choice.

  1. Proxy servers are often used when trying to access websites that are blocked by corporate or school intranets. To circumvent the blockage, users connect to a proxy server and request the information they want. The proxy receives the data from the blocked website and passes it on to the user.
  2. First, you need to open a proxy list site and select the country from where you want to access torrents. There are many free and paid pirate proxy websites available online that provide this service for free. After that, we proceed to unblock torrent sites which require adding rules or filters that tell your computer how to connect with these servers.
  • After adding the rules, you need to connect your computer with the servers listed. The web browser automatically redirects itself to this proxy website to get access to torrent sites. Once here, you are free to download torrents at will without worrying about getting caught since these pirate proxy websites hide your IP address entirely by hiding behind the server’s address.


  1. Pirate proxy sites are web pages that allow you to unblock blocked websites in almost any country. You can set up a pirate proxy site on your own or use someone else’s that is already online.
  2. Once you have found the webpage for the website you want to visit, enter the URL of that website in the bar at the top of the page, and click “Surf.” it will then direct you to your destination website. The source code for this website is set up to automatically redirect you to a random proxy server when you enter a website address. It means that if the pirate proxy site that you are visiting started out being based in the US, but the site you are trying to access is blocked, it will automatically change the IP address of the website so that it appears as if you were accessing the requested website from an entirely different country.
  • How to avoid getting caught while using them?

These sites are all monitored by anti-piracy agencies, so the only way to avoid getting caught is to use them sparingly. It is because if you visit too many of these sites in a short period, your IP address will stick out like a sore thumb, and the police may be able to track it down, especially if they’ve gotten a tip from a paranoid studio or distributor. If you do use them too much, you pose a threat to these sites because they can lose their servers if there is a sudden surge of users from one IP address. It happened recently when the government shut down the most popular proxy website.


pirate proxies have become the center of all resources available online. All you have to do is connect to surf your heart’s content. No site is banned or too complex to crack; with proxy, there are no closed doors.


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