How to Save Money on Your Wedding Band without Compromising Your Style

How to Save Money on Your Wedding Band without Compromising Your Style

Because weddings are once-in-a-lifetime, you can be forgiven for overshooting your budget. However, even though wedding bands represent a major chunk of that cost, it is quite feasible for you to do various things to save a lot of money without sacrificing your dreams. Some handy money-saving tactics that you can follow when buying a wedding ring:

Choose a Pocket-Friendly Ring Material

By making a small adjustment in the ring material, you can save significantly without compromising your style quotient. Many of the space-age alternative materials like tungsten, ceramic, carbon fiber, etc. serve to underline your personality in a way traditional metals never can. Even if you are not a fan of alternative ring materials, simply switching white gold for titanium can save you a packet. However, one thing you should consider in addition to the upfront cost of the ring is its maintenance cost.

Forget About the Diamond

Even though many people think it is almost mandatory to have a diamond on your wedding ring, the truth is that there are many more attractive gemstones available. Better still, you can think of dropping the diamond entirely and save significantly. You can choose rubies, emeralds, and sapphires that not only look great but are also significantly less expensive. Taking cost-cutting one step further, you can choose stones that look stunning but are comparatively inexpensive like topaz, amethyst, and garnet. You can view a stunning range of inexpensive rings at

Make the Diamond Setting Less Expensive

For those who can’t imagine wedding rings without diamonds, it can be a good idea not to break the bank with a large solitaire but opt for a band that has multiple smaller diamonds in the setting. A mosaic setting, for example, gives the appearance of a single large stone but is made out of a mosaic of smaller diamonds. Another effective method of impressing without maxing out your credit card is to choose a relatively small center stone and surround it with multiple smaller diamonds to give the impression of a far larger stone.

Scale Down the Size and Color Grade of the Diamond

It may seem strange, but an imperceptible difference in the size of the diamond can make a huge difference in the price. For example, buying a 1.9-carat diamond is far less expensive than a 2 carat stone, and the beauty is that nobody can make out the difference with the naked eye. For some funny reason, diamonds in a whole carat size are much more expensive than others. Instead of buying a perfectly colorless diamond that is much more expensive, according to GIA, choose a yellow-tinged one that is much cheaper. Normal people cannot make out the difference, especially when set in a ring.


If you want to save on the cost of your wedding ring, it is not too difficult if you refuse to play by the rules set by others, especially the jewelry industry. You can have the ring you want without compromising your sense of aesthetics by making small adjustments that nobody will be able to discern.

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