How To Pick Numbers in Saturday Lotto

How To Pick Numbers in Saturday Lotto?

The weekend is around the corner! So, you might look for activities that would make it indefinitely better. Saturday Lotto is here to fill your weekend with endless excitement. However, you may wonder how to pick numbers in the lottery to increase the chances of winning.

You can try to look up the frequency chart or trust the random number generator. Alternatively, you can utilise strategies used by past winners.

This post covers the tips and tricks you need to win the Saturday lottery. Read on to earn huge sums!

Tips And Tricks in Picking a Number to Win

Ever wondered if Saturday Lotto is just about luck? If you feel there is more to this lottery than just luck, you’re right! Check out the tips and tricks you can use to pick a number to win the lottery.

Look Up the Frequency Chart

Looking up the frequency chart can be one of the simplest ways to analyse. Why? The data is comprehensive! Plus, this data offers you insight into which number has the probability of winning.

Keep in mind there is no clear or sure shot way to know if you should pick frequently appearing numbers or the ones that rarely get picked. However, you can undoubtedly pick six numbers with a combination of frequent and infrequent numbers.


The popular study that draws meaning of underlying patterns of the universe, numerology, has been successful for most people. If you believe in the power of the universe, calculate your numbers and understand which ones hold significance for you. Accordingly, you can choose six numbers.

Many websites and applications help you calculate your numbers; it is a long process. However, you’ll get there eventually. Next, pick those lucky six numbers and use them for the draw.

Pick Numbers Over 31

It is unlikely for people to choose numbers over 31. Most individuals select a birthdate or an anniversary date. Hence, they miss out on the numbers that may fall between 31 to 45. This may not really increase your chance of winning. Although, it could increase the amount you win.

Take this into consideration: For a $10 million jackpot, if 10 people win, each would get $1 million. However, if two people win, and you would have chosen numbers above 31 or numbers that are unlikely to be chosen, you’d win $5 million.

This is no complex mathematics technique. It is simply common reasoning—you pick numbers that may not fall on the radar of the other participants.

Use A System

Systems improve your odds of winning the jackpot. However, you may wonder what systems to use. You may find tons of systems to pick a number, but the most common amongst all is the Delta System.

Alternatively, you may derive a system through strategies deployed by previous winners. You may read interviews or news articles of lottery winners to understand their strategy.

Summing Up

Saturday Lotto is not just about luck! Yes, there is more to the lottery game than just pure luck. You can analyse the past winner’s strategies and form your own. Also, remember that your strategies wouldn’t always be a sure shot. The odds are prevalent in strategy too.

Now that you know the tips and tricks, it’s time to deploy your strategies and win huge sums from the Saturday lottery!

Author: Alison Lurie