How to make Organic Grilled Chicken..!

The organic grilled organic chicken recipe is distinctive in taste. Its extraordinary taste will make your dinner special. Moreover, it is a simple recipe and does not require a lot of ingredients. Therefore, you can prepare it with little effort at your home in less time. Follow our recipe to make this delicious recipe.


  • organic chicken(boneless fillets) – 5 (each one weighing about 100 grams)
  • Black pepper (crushed) – one and half a teaspoon
  • Soy Sauce – one teaspoon
  • Honey – three tablespoons
  • Butter – two tablespoons
  • Olive oil – three teaspoons (you can use refined white oil instead)
  • Garlic (crushed with skin) – 6 cloves
  • Salt – about one teaspoon



  • Take the organic chickenfillets in a bowl. Now sprinkle one teaspoon of salt and black pepper (one and a half teaspoons).
  • Pour the oil (olive) over it.
  • Now add the garlic (crushed or powder).
  • Mix well the organic chickento coat it evenly with ingredients.
  • Now let it rest, as its Marination will take about half an hour.

 Honey-Soy Glaze:

  • Take a bowl and add three teaspoons of honey to it.
  • Now add one teaspoon of soy sauce to it.
  • Mix sufficiently and set aside for glaze. (For later use).

  organic chicken Making:

  • Take one tablespoon of butter and add to a grill pan. Heat it and spread evenly.
  • Now arrange the marinated organic chickenfillets over the grill pan. Keep the flame high to grill the organic chickenfor 3 minutes.
  • Next, flip the organic chickenfillets, one by oneto grill the other side for three minutes on the same high flame.
  • Now lower the flame and continue to cook. Keep pressing each piece with a spatula, and you will see grill marks on the organic chicken.
  • Repeat the step for another side as well.
  • Cook until both sides of each fillet are evenly brown.
  • Now take a brush and apply the honey soy glaze to each fillet with it.
  • Flip the pieces and brush another side of each piece in the same way.
  • Now grill for about one minute, and your organic chickenis almost done. (avoid burning off the honey, say glaze).
  • Turn off the heat and put it aside on a plate.




  • First of all, you have to boil the vegetables (carrot, cauliflower, and beans, etc.). After that, you can use vegetables according to your preference.
  • Add some water to a saucepan. Heat the water till it boils.
  • Now add vegetables with some salt and boil them for about five minutes (on high heat).
  • Drain it and wash it using cold water.
  • Now take a pan and add a spoon of butter. After heating and evenly dissipating the butter, add vegetables.
  • Saute for about two minutes.
  • Now sprinkle some salt and black pepper over it.
  • Saute for a while, and it’s ready.

Serve your flavourful grill organic chicken with vegetables.


Such recipes furnish you with a superb taste, as well as with essential nutrients. You can benefit yourself with such recipes with halal organic meat. But remember only to use high-quality halal organic chicken in your recipes.




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