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How to Make Better Study Notes

Self-created study notes are the best study material for exam preparation. Students mostly follow textbooks and classroom lectures for their studies. They use these resources to prepare for exams. Study notes are one of the crucial resources for students that help a lot in their exam preparation. 

It also speeds up their exam preparation by helping in revision as well. During exams, students have very little time to cover all the topics of the syllabus for their exams. At this time, CBSE Notes come in handy and help them cover the important concepts, formulas, and diagrams without studying the entire textbook.

How to Prepare Better Study Notes 

Preparing study notes is a part of self-study. Each student has a different way of creating their own study notes. Below we have provided some tips that will be useful to every student for preparing study notes. 

1) Note Down the Important points during Classroom

In the classroom, the teacher explains the concepts related to the topic in detail. At that time, students must write down important notes from teachers’ lectures. The knowledge delivered by the teacher is in simple language. Teachers try to explain topics by giving suitable examples and correlating them to the real world. So, it is essential that students should have a notebook and pen to take notes, while attending class. They have to be attentive and focused when the teacher is teaching in the class. They should pay attention to the definitions, terminology and difficult words shared by the teacher. Whenever they feel the information shared by the teacher is important, they must note it down. 

2) Write Down Important Points while Studying from Textbook 

Books and CBSE Guide are huge sources of information for learning. Firstly, students should study from the textbook as prescribed by the board. While studying a chapter in the textbook, they must note down the summary of each topic shortly and concisely. After completing the chapters in the textbook, they can study from other resources such as guide books, other reference books, the internet etc. Doing so will enhance their knowledge of a particular topic and make their foundation stronger.

3) Give a Proper Structure to Create Study Notes

Since students note down points from class lectures, textbooks and other resources, these points are collected at different times and on different pages. So, it is crucial to organise these points in a structured manner to create study notes. Students can do so by giving a proper heading and subheading to the important points. They must try to write the notes shortly and concisely. For this, they can use bulletins, points and diagrams in the content. 

4) Make a Separate Sheet for Important Formulas and Diagram

Students must have a separate sheet to note down the important formulas and chemical reactions while creating notes. In biology, there are various diagrams that students need to practise. So, they must create a separate notebook for studying diagrams. 

Happy Learning!

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