How To Host a Team Happy Hour Over Zoom

How To Host a Team Happy Hour Over Zoom

These days, meeting up for a drink after work isn’t as prevalent as it used to be. Additionally, many people’s work lives have transitioned from in-office to working from home. These circumstances mean that there’s more need than ever to get some social interaction in, even if it’s not in person. Zoom has been a great help for both work and recreation. Hosting a Zoom happy hour is a great way to do something fun with your team of devoted workers after a long day or long week to just have fun away from the job. Check out the Zoom immersive view backgrounds download options to make happy hour more fun with an interesting scene.

What is a Team Happy Hour?

A team happy hour consists of getting together for fun activities after work; many people enjoy going to the local bar for drinks and playing trivia or other games. Zoom has made it easy to participate in these events from home. In fact, many people think Zoom is all about video conferences. Still, you can do many fun activities as a group on the platform that makes it very close to participating in person.

Fun Games To Play With Your Team Remotely

Zoom happy hour games are team-building and help you and your co-workers get to know one another better. It’s a great way to get some social interaction, and always nice to be friends with your workmates outside of work. Here’s just a sampling of the fun games you can virtually play with your team members.

Show and Tell

Participating in a simple show and tell session can be a lot of fun for your team. This game can reveal each team member’s interests to better get to know one another. Including a Zoom virtual office background in the meeting can make it more fun and limit distractions. You can bring your favorite recent Amazon purchase, a funny picture from your childhood, share the best video you discovered on YouTube or talk about the last movie you watched.

Challenge Yourself With a Virtual Escape Room

Like an escape room that you would typically visit in person, the virtual type challenges you and your teammates with hidden clues. You must uncover all of the clues to “escape.”

Sneak Words in the Conversation

At the beginning of the happy hour, the host gives each attendee a secret word that only the host knows. It works best if it’s a word that isn’t extremely common in everyday conversation but won’t be immediately evident. Each person inserts their word into the conversation the best they can so that no one notices. They receive a point for every successful attempt. If the word is guessed by anyone else, the person loses all their points.

There’s always an easy opportunity to socialize with friends and co-workers when you have access to Zoom. Participating in a Zoom happy hour regularly can relieve some of the stress of working remotely. Check into ways to bypass Zoom virtual background requirements to use great backgrounds for all of your future meetings.