How to Get Magellan RoadMate 1200 Update?

Once you get yourself a navigation device, maintaining it regularly can help increase its lifespan and accuracy. It needs regular battery changes and the occasional Magellan roadmate 1200 update. These updates can be found online easily on the official website of the manufacturer. If you would like further guidance regarding the process, then continue reading on below.

If one of your must have requirements for a navigation device is a high quality display screen, then Magellan can be a wise choice. It is a superior machine in terms of portability too, with screen just a little over three inches.

Magellan Roadmate 1200 Update – Method

Here are the steps which can be followed for getting the Magellan roadmate 1200 update:

1. Ready the devices

  • Make sure that the navigation device is charged up so that it does not power off in the middle of the update process.
  • The 1200 device should also be compatible with the version of the operating system installed in your PC.
  • Make sure the content manager is downloaded in the GPS device.

2. Connect

  • Once both the devices are ready to work, connect them with the help of an external USB compatible with the ports of both the machines.
  • You can also use the cable provided officially with the device.
  • It should also be kept in mind that the wire is not bent or broken from somewhere.

3. Check Content Manager

  • Now that you have downloaded the content managing program, launch it.
  • If this is your first time getting an update, then go ahead and get your device registered. If not, then proceed by using the old registration ID.
  • Once you are done signing the device in, go to the option that has a + sign in front meant for adding a device.
  • Click on update after checking all the available ones in the drop down menu.
  • Once you have found the desired one, tap on ok in front of it and the download process will start.

4. Transfer updates and save

  • After the download, it might take some time for the installation.
  • Transfer the installed files right away to the main folder of the GPS device.
  • Lastly, right click on the device icon and click on ‘remove device safely’.
  • After which you can disconnect the cable and start enjoying your new updates.

Why Magellan Roadmate 1200 Update is Needed

A Magellan roadmate 1200 update is not a mandatory requirement for people who are not avid travellers. However if due to the nature of your business or personal endeavours, you travel a lot then updates might be a good choice.

Here are some of the benefits of getting these:

  • The device can read the navigation directions to the user in a voice of their choice.
  • Any bugs or corruptions in the device are fixed and removed with an update.
  • The display of the device can also get an upgrade in most cases.
  • The maps are updates according to the new guidelines and paths.

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Customer service

If the above method for the Magellan roadmate 1200 update could not help you, then you can always contact the company (mygeolocate) via the support website for technical help and advice. 


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