How to Effectively Use QR Codes for Insurance Companies

How to Effectively Use QR Codes for Insurance Companies

The National Health Survey indicates that more than 31 million people in the US lack health insurance when surveyed in the first half of 2021.

To reach more of the uninsured market, QR codes can help the insurance industry create engaging ads, even for people on the go. Nobody has time to read long sentences about your company. But they can easily scan your QR code and read all the important details at their own time.

Let people access your website, download documents, and even install your mobile app when you use a reliable QR code generator online.

Here are more of the best examples why using QR Codes for your insurance company is effective in getting more clients.

Different uses of Insurance QR code

According to statistics, more than 83 million Americans will use smartphones to scan QR codes this year. Don’t miss out on this low cost but effective way to reach potential clients.

You can post an Insurance QR Code to present your policies, ensuring that it addresses customer needs and obligations. You may also include your proposal on a potential client’s preferred policy, so they can scan and easily review it on their phones.

This way, they’ll have plenty of time to look at it and decide which insurance plan is best for them.

In terms of increasing your online engagement, a Social Media QR code can get you there. You may boost your leads by using social media ads and referrals, expanding your audience with exciting content, fostering connections, and enhancing trust with endorsements.

You may also increase app downloads by using the App Store QR code. You can embed your application to a QR code, as most customers will find it convenient to use an app.

For landing pages, you can easily create a URL QR code.

How to create a QR code for Insurance

  1. Visit the QR code generator of your choice
  2. Choose the type of QR code for your needs. For example: a URL QR Code
  3. Enter your website link
  4. Choose static or dynamic QR code.
    • Pro tip: It’s best to choose a dynamic QR code for data tracking and easy update of information.
  1. Generate QR code
  2. Customize your QR code. Add a logo, adjust the colors and patterns according to your brand.
  3. Do a scan test. Make sure your QR code is working.
  4. Print your QR code, and share away.

Advantages of using dynamic QR codes

With dynamic QR codes, you can track the number of scans, location, and the device used by the customer. Marketers will then be able to create more targeted QR code campaigns from these data.

Changes to destination addresses and other code features can be made whenever you want without reprinting the QR Codes. This is made possible by dynamic QR Codes. 

Doing this can save time and money and modify your campaigns as they are being run. 75% of customers say they want to use QR Codes in the future, according to a poll by The Drum and YouGov.

Whenever you’re ready, choose an advanced QR code generator with logo software to present your insurance company and plans well. Feel free to edit the code so it stands out with the colors of your brand.

Done right, QR codes for insurance companies can help individuals and their families live a more secured and worry-free life.