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How To Clean Your Gutters This Fall

Fall is almost over and that means nearly all of the colorful leaves have already fallen from the trees. Unfortunately, those leaves could potentially cause a blockage in your gutters or downspouts if you don’t take action to clean them beforehand.

Blocked gutter systems usually lead to overflows which can run along your foundation and damage exterior components of your home, such as siding, windows and doors. In addition, they can also cause water to sneak into drywall enclosures as well as prevent rainwater from draining away from the building envelope.

In order to keep those unwanted leaf particles from entering your gutters this fall, here are some tips on how to clean them by the experts at Reliable Cleaning Colorado.

How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters?

Usually, gutters need to be cleaned at least twice a year, but it’s important to do so more frequently when leaves are actively falling from trees. In certain climates, homeowners may have the need to clean their gutters four or five times per year if they have plenty of large leaf-shedding trees on their property. It’s also a good idea to clean your gutters in early spring just before new leaves begin growing and the fall when the leaves keep falling off. Check out best spray Mop with sprayer.

Start Early

Try not to wait until later in the autumn season to clean your gutters. Do it as soon as the leaves begin to change color and fall from the trees. That way you can stop those pesky leaves from entering your downspouts and causing a blockage in the system.

Use A Power Washer

If normal tools don’t do the trick, try using a pressure washer with a turbo nozzle to remove those stubborn leaf blockages that may be built up in your gutters. This will loosen them up and allow you to easily flush them away with water.

Remove Debris

After doing such extensive cleaning, make sure to inspect for any pieces of leaves or other materials which may have gotten stuck in hard-to-reach spots. It’s best to use a tool with a long handle, such as a gutter scoop or net, to remove debris that may be stuck in the lowest part of the system.

Use Leaf Guards

If you have problems with your gutters being clogged after just a few months, consider installing special gutter guards before this fall season begins. These help to prevent small twigs or other types of debris from entering your gutters by deflecting them away from the opening. They are usually installed right over the top of an existing gutter, so there is no need for any type of replacement work whatsoever.

Check Elbows And Downspout

Make sure to inspect downspouts and elbows (the 90-degree pipe which connects the gutter system with the ground) and clean any debris that might have accumulated there. While you’re there, check for any cracks or holes in order to prevent water from leaking out. If you spot any, make sure to fix them as soon as possible before they get worse over time.

Be Safe

While climbing up on ladders can be dangerous at any time during the year (even more so when it’s windy outside), fall is certainly the most dangerous season for this type of work. It’s best to remain safe and hire a professional that has experience in cleaning gutters to ensure you get the job done right.


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