How Much Does a Good Electric Skateboard Cost?

If you are an enthusiast about electric skateboarding, there is no doubt that you know its types and all about it. However, if you are eager to purchase it for the first time, you definitely want to know how much a good electric skateboard costs in the first place. Without knowing its price you certainly can’t know.

Skateboarding can be in any range when you talk about its price. However, its price can readily define what its quality would be like when you ride it. So if you want to know the price of the skateboard in the first place, this post is all that you need to go through.

How Much Does a Good Electric Skateboard Cost?

When it comes to electric skateboards, you have the freedom to pick from a wider gamut. Its price starts from $200 and is beyond your imagination. It can be costly due to the embedded battery, stability and quality that matter in every aspect of the skateboard. For example if you are buying from a reliable and trusted place such as you have the quality ensured in the first place.

So, if we talk about the regular electric skateboard price or its cost you have the range between $400 and $2.000. However, this is not it. The price of the skateboard is not fixed until you decide on the model. Each model has something unique to offer and that certainly leaves an impact on its cost.

The parts of the electric skateboard such as motor, deck, trucks, wheels and its manufacturing approach will determine the ultimate price. Moreover, the battery timing also matters when you are looking for the best electric skateboard in the market.

Why are electric skateboards expensive?

However, there are some of the pretty expensive e-skateboards as well and the price can really make you wonder why it is that much higher. For gear like skateboards, people often tend to question why it is so costly. However when you take a deep or closer look at its manufacturing approach, you will most likely get its answer.

And if you have the accessories along with a board, the cost will surely get high as if you compare it with the one that doesn’t offer you anything. The battery and its durability would further make it either cost-effective or a pricey gear. Plus the good news is the company let out the chic deal and fascinating offer for the sale of and on and you can certainly get the high-quality skateboard in low cost if you know the on-going deal. Here are some of the electric skateboards and their price ranges!

Apsu Board V3 $ 299
Apsuboard X1 $ 499
Aeboard AE3 $ 419
AeBoard Hornet Belt $ 549
AeBoard AX $ 599
AeBoard AX Mini $ 499
Aeboard GT $ 899 – 999
Backfire G2 Black $ 429
Backfire G2 Galaxy $ 529
Backfire G3 $ 799
Backfire G3 Plus $ 999
Backfire Mini $ 599
Backfire Ranger X2 $1149
Backfire Ranger X3 $ 1499
Backfire Zealot $ 849
Bajaboard G4X $3599 – $5199
Bajaboard S2 $2700 – 3349
Bioboards Thorium X4 $ 3500 – 4100
Evolve GTR $ 1.899 – 1.999
Exway Atlas $ 1499
Exway Flex $ 649
Exway Wave $ 699
Exway X1 Pro $ 772
Hoyt St EL1 $ 1999
Kaly NYC Boards $ 2000+
Lacroix Boards $ 2000+
Lycaon GR $ 499
Lycaon Swift $ 699
Lycaon TRX $ 999
Maxfind FF Plus $ 999
Maxfind Max4Pro $ 599
Maxfind Kits $ 539+
Meepo AWD Pro $ 849
Meepo City Rider 2 $ 899
Meepo Mini 2 $ 429
Meepo NLS Belt $ 739
Meepo NLS Pro $ 709
Meepo V3 $ 429 – 629
MetroboardX $ 2499
OneWheel + XR $ 1.799
OneWheel Pint $ 950
ONSRA Black Carve $ 1169
Revel Kit $ 599
Unlimited X Loaded Cruiser $ 949
Verreal Mini $ 279
Verreal RS $ 669
WowGo AT2 $ 1099
WowGo 3 $ 499
WowGo 3X $ 749
WowGo Knight $ 499