How are Big Brands Using Memes as a Marketing Tool?

How are Big Brands Using Memes as a Marketing Tool?

Memes have taken on a new meaning in the digital age, almost completely different. More often than not, as a derivative of other media, humorous photos, video, text, or GIFs are transmitted on social media. A successful meme will have evolved dozens of times during its existence, possibly taking on entirely new meaning. Even so, a meme will still have some distinguishing feature, some pattern or structure that distinguishes it.

The Features of Memes and Why it is a Popular Marketing Tool

Brands may raise brand visibility and interaction by skillfully tapping into a popular cultural event via the usage of memes. Companies gain familiarity with customers while producing memorable as well as emotional responses through being funny or intelligent in a timely manner. McDonald’s, Apple, Barkbox, and Ruffles have all employed memes in their marketing campaigns.

It’s worth noting that brands must avoid using memes that could have been considered offensive. Memes are generally not a smart idea if a brand’s target market isn’t the correct one or if the viewers aren’t likely to “understand it.” Because humor is subjective, businesses not only risk offending individuals, but they also risk being characterized as “cringe” for appearing to try that hard or jumping on even a trend too late.

Your brand could only post the same meme so many times on social networking sites. If your meme fails to grasp the audience’s attention and generate enough shares, it won’t help you achieve your social media marketing objectives. The truth is, a lot of memes are directly related to what’s going on in the world right now. Bird Box memes are still mostly gone, and cat memes are reaching their limit. Using Google Trends and delivering your meme first before cycle peaks is a great approach to measure the success of a meme.

Creating a meme which resonates with Internet users entails referencing the distinguishing aspects of each meme while adding a unique twist that distinguishes it. To just get their marketing attempts correct, one should understand the concept of the meme they intend to use and maintain a pulse on what memes are current. Make sure to visit Meme Scout to understand how memes work in detail.

Several of the best memes are inspired by current events, including global events, television shows, and celeb gossip. Because of the fast-paced nature of internet material, memes come and go in popularity quickly, so having the timing right is crucial.

Memes are becoming increasingly popular, with meme-related content appearing on sites such as Tumblr, Pinterest, IGTV, Linked In, and Twitter. Memes are being created and consumed in greater numbers than ever before.

Memes are an important mechanism for many firms’ marketing strategies. Follow your intuition on humor, as you should with most creative processes. If you don’t believe a meme you made is humorous, engaging, or smart, neither will your audience. Utilize your best judgement, and remember the more memes you absorb, the greater you will become at making them.

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