Here’s Why Rare Sneakers Are Worth the Investment

Here’s Why Rare Sneakers Are Worth the Investment

These days investments are not just about money and bullions. Instead, it is about pricey things that often possess greater value with time. And when you think about investment types, sneakers are not the first thing that will come to your mind. Indeed, this has now moved into the much-coveted attire zone.

Consider that more and more Australians – both men and women, are getting obsessed and are pulled to the sneaker revolution phenomena. And this is the reason why it’s a viable thought to consider growing your sneakers collection.

Also, according to researchers, sportswear continues to get price increases, like rare sneakers.  An analysis done by a UK-based discount website found that rare shoes and models have a resale value of 60 times compared to their original prices.

Understanding What Makes Sneakers More Valuable

When investing in a good sneakers collection, one thing you need to consider is supply and demand. It means that the rare the sneaker and the higher the demands, the more valuable it becomes.

Try to invest in limited editions because they have fewer market demands, better investment prices, and spike prices as manufacturers start phasing them out. One general rule to consider when starting your sneakers collection is to focus on quintessential market staples brands.

Additionally, you can also spread your investment to limited edition series from unfamiliar brands with fewer demands. But, again, it is about how limited a sneaker is compared to how many people are willing to buy them.

Take, for example, the Yeezy sneakers, which was a collaboration between Adidas and Kanye West. The initial release included staggering prices because they were limited series. However, subsequent productions became more and more inexpensive because of marketing hype and supply increases.

Answering the Tricky Question of Where to Begin

Starting a sneakers collection is often a tricky question that often boils down to your style, how much you are willing to spend, and the ability to find rare sneakers. But, most often, the dominating factor you need to consider is your style because it all goes down to your inclinations.

For one, you should know what you want to collect. And this includes the brands, series, models, and market value of a sneaker. Perhaps you are bent on market prices and have more money to expand on your sneaker investment.

There is also the factor of finding good online deals for your shoe collection. Rare sneakers are often hard to find in physical stores unless they are high-end. Instead, consider heading online and navigating through trusted websites for particular brands you have in mind.

Starting a sneakers collection and investment is often hard during the first parts. But it becomes enjoyable, particularly if you can grab a rare find. Additionally, it can become a rewarding hobby because product scarcity and model rarity become your ultimate accomplice in getting better value for the shoe.

A sneaker investment is not something you would normally find in the list of quantitative investments because it appears more like an extravagant desire. However, it can diversify your investment portfolio, especially when brands move their production to limited series for shoe collectors nowadays.

You might have money and room to spare, and investing in rare sneaker finds can bring double your initial capital more than you can imagine. Look for suppliers known to provide the Australian market with quality brands and rare limited finds.

Author: Alison Lurie


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