Guide to Belt Purchasing

Guide to Belt Purchasing

The belt on a man’s waist can say one of two things: he’s got a confident sense of style, or he doesn’t. When it comes to men’s belts, good taste and practicality go hand in hand. If you choose wisely, they can make or break an outfit. In the summer, a belt can make or break your Riviera look when worn with a t-shirt or tucked shirt. Any smart outfit can be improved with the addition of men’s casual belts.

When to Wear Different Types of Belts

  • Casual Leather Belts

Though the term “casual belt” conjures images of line-dancing buckles, we’re talking about sleek leather designs that are less formal than their counterparts.

  • Men’s Leather Dress Belts

Belts made of leather are a great way to add some variety to an outfit. Wear one with a tucked-in T-shirt in the summer to evoke the 1980s. You should go for suede instead of shiny leather and a matte or brass buckle instead of shiny brass.

  • Men’s Woven Belts

Contrary to popular belief, wearing a pastel polo with woven or braided belts is not required. Summer shorts look great with woven belts because they add interest and depth to the garment. They also look great with a light blue linen suit.

  • Men’s Fabric Belts

Backpacks and duffle coats are frequently labelled as ‘not suitable for adults,’ including fabric belts. Shite is what one calls it in Australia. If you’re wearing textured trousers or shorts, a fabric belt is ideal for adding another layer of interest.

  • Brown Belt

With claret shoes, this is the best belt colour. To make the most of this set, wear it with any suit colour, but dark-toned trousers look best with it.

  • Black Belt

When wearing black shoes, a black belt is your next best bet. A variety of tones are available, from light grey to charcoal and black. A monochrome colour scheme is ideal for this style of belt.

  • Blue Belt

A blue belt is difficult to master, but once you do, it’s perfect for bringing a subtle splash of colour to any outfit. If you’re dressing down for the weekend, a blue belt is a must-have.

The Best Men’s Belt: How to Make a Selection

Owning men’s casual belts is one of the few closet essentials where you don’t have to spend a small fortune to look sharp. You only need a few of these in your closet to be completely covered for any and all eventualities.

  • Follow Your Heart, Leather!

Material and production processes have a significant impact on the life and performance of a belt. For the leather to last for years, it must be durable when torn or stretched.

  • See Your Feet

Accessorizing for men is like learning to drive: everything has to match. Match your belt’s material and colour to your favourite pair of shoes (matte, patent, suede).

  • Metals Must Be Aligned In Place

If you wear a watch or cufflinks, try to match your belt buckle’s metal V Tone to those items. Metal buckles in silver, gold, or brass tones are fine.

  • Make Do With What You’ve Got

Consider what you already own in your closet before making a belt purchase. People who dress up all day will benefit from a formal belt, while those who dress down will benefit from woven or casual styles.

  • Choose A Colour That Compliments Your Pants

Vibrant colour, which can be found in virtually every piece of menswear ever made, increases the likelihood of something bad happening. As a rule, you are advised to stick to a few belt colours that go well with a variety of looks and won’t ruin your entire ensemble.

Belt Market In Sydney, Australia

People in Sydney prefer to dress casually. Some of the preferred types of belts are:

  • Authentic Leather Belt: An original leather belt must have a 100 per cent leather strap and not be made of any other materials, including fabric or synthetics. Bind or sew the tag into the leather. Belting it on with a full-grain leather belt elevates things a notch. This is a piece of hiding that has undergone very little processing. Alligators, Crocodile, Lizard, and Ostrich Skins are also available in exotic leathers.
  • Stamped leather: A belt’s design is added during the stamping process. Tooled men’s casual belts are typically worn in a more informal setting.
  • Suede Belt: The napped finish on one side of this leather gives it a supple feel. Black, brown, tan, blue, and grey are all colours of suede belts you can choose from.

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