Grado SR60e vs SR80e

Grado SR60e vs SR80e – Best Headphones in Market

Grado Labs is an intimate run business that works out of Brooklyn, New York. Rather than mass-producing their headphones in Chinese plants like most headphones’ makers do, they invest profoundly close by making every one of their Grado headphones. Grado Labs is a well-adorned brand among numerous audiophiles and in light of current circumstances.

Beginning of Prestige Series

Since its inception in 1953, Grado has persistently offered decidedly manufactured products that made with a degree of care and detail once in a while observed. Even though this reputation has served them well, it has likewise made the feeling that everything the organization makes is costly.

Grado proceeds with its Prestige Series by improving in overall sound and affectability. This cheap headphone is among the best in its value extend on the off chance that you are searching for an open soundstage and music that is clear and brief.

Highly Recommended

Grado SR60e Headphone Review

Grado SR60e Headphone

Editor's Choice

Grado SR80e Headphone Review 

Grado SR80e Headphone

Most Popular Models of these Headphones

Two of the most mainstream models from the Prestige series are the Grado SR60e and Grado SR80e headphones. They’re mainstream since they’re very moderate for an open back headphone and have an appealing retro style. Be that as it may, with just $20 distinction in cost, what makes the Grado SR80e cost only somewhat more than the SR60e.

New “e” Prestige Series

Quick forward to today, and we have the most recent generation of the SR60. The Grado SR60e is a piece of the new “e” Prestige Series of headphones, where Grado is highlighting sonic quality in a worth package.

Numerous individuals prescribe Grado SR80e as an incredible starter open-back headphone as a result of the value range and quality. There are many stunning audits on the web, and that got us interested.

1st Product

Grado SR60e Headphone Review

Grado SR60e is an open-back, over-the-ear headphone using a powerful driver. With a 32ohm impedance and affectability of 99.8db at 1mW, these are anything but difficult to drive with any convenient gadget. Within, the Grado SR60e features another driver design and additional wire add-on to the driver.

Grado SR60e Headphone Review


Grado has upgraded upon its exemplary SR60 plan with the new “e” series model. The expanded affectability settles on the Grado SR60e, a phenomenal decision if you plan on utilizing them with a versatile gadget like an iPhone. Evaluation SR60e incorporates:

  • Full-Range Sound Reproduction
  • Includes 1/4″ Connector
  • Dynamic Transducer Type:
  • Open Air Operating Principle
  • 20 – 20,000 Hz Frequency Response
  • 8 dB SPL 1mW
  • 32 ohms Standard Impedance
  • .1 dB Driver Coordinated dB


  • Headphones
  • Warranty
  • Grado story-sheet
  • 5mm Brilliant Connector


  • Excellence headphone sound for pennies on the dollar.
  • This most recent generation sounds far and away superior on convenient gadgets.
  • Excellent Sound
  • Original and graceful vintage design.
  • Sturdiness and hindrance of materials.
  • Weight dispersed over the entire body.
  • Medium-high frequencies reproduced well indeed.
  • Among the least expensive open-back headphones we’ve seen


  • Some pressure in the midrange, not for bass oddities.
  • Not entirely handy
  • The comfort level is low.
  • Bass didn’t stress enough.
Grado SR60e Verdict

The Grado SR60e is your first open door on the planet, which is a full-range sound. Suppose you’re searching for the best sound presentation to value proportion, the Grado SR60e is a unique arrangement. You may have the option to recover a pair of open pair of headphones for less, yet I would be astonished if they came anyplace close to sounding as high.

2nd Product

Grado SR80e Headphone Review 

The Grado SR80e are on-ear headphones, the new form of the SR80i discharged the more significant part 10 years prior. Headphones have changed bounty in that time, yet the SR80e is a lot of like the SR80i, however, with a marginally improved form and updated drivers.

SR80e proves flawed for tuning in on transports, trains, or out on the town in urban areas, regarding the sound quality, you get at the cost — astounding headphones for the individuals who wouldn’t worry giving up practicality for sound quality. While the open-back design isn’t reasonable for noisy conditions.

Grado SR80e Headphone Review 


The Grado SR80e headphones sound outstandingly useful for $100 and are likewise pleasant to wear. Evaluation SR80e incorporates:

  • 40mm dynamic drivers
  • 5mm wire with 6.3mm connector included
  • 8m wire
  • Open-back cups
  • Foam cushions


  • Headphones
  • Warranty Card
  • Grado story-sheet
  • 5mm Brilliant Connector


  • Vital and point by point sound
  • Fast, forceful bass
  • Stereo imaging is increasingly open and regular.
  • Very decent retro design.
  • Strength and vigor of materials.
  • The yields on medium-high frequencies.
  • Good esteem for cash.


  • Leaky design
  • Less than extravagant comfort
  • The open-back plan gives noise access; secure attachment isn’t perfect with numerous cell phone cases.
  • The support offered at a low level.
  • No sound protection.
  • Low power and not quick-tempered at all

What is the primary contrast between Grado sr60e vs sr80e?

The principle contrast between Grado SR60e vs SR80e is their sonic performance. SR80e headphones are superior to SR60e. Also, on the off chance that you think about their distinction in numbers, SR80e’s headphones are 10% to 15% ahead than SR60e’s. They have almost a similar form and solace quality.

Final Verdict

As we notice, the two headphones have excellent execution. And in the two headphones, you won’t see any distinction. To you, likewise, I observed no difference in their features and specifications. In general, the Grado SR80e did somewhat for me.

At sub $100, this pair of open-back headphones enable newbies to evaluate something other than expected without using up every last cent. The main distinction between the two headphones is their sonic Performance. SR80e has a slight superiority on everything contrasted with SR60e, for example,

  • SR80e is somewhat more straightforward than SR60e.
  • Detailed sound than SR60e.
  • Solid Brass, and so on.

Like if you are a fanatic of EDM or bass-overwhelming songs, you will improve somewhere else because the Grado SR80e won’t give you the punch that you want. Be that as it may, the headphones did very well fortunes that are dynamic and complex, and you will enjoy your playlist if full of those songs.


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